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Cubase System 4 / Steinberg MI4 (2005?) USB Audio Interface



--- Quote ---Steinberg has reentered the studio-in-a-box market with Cubase System 4, a bundle consisting of the new MI4 USB audio-MIDI interface and Cubase SL 2, the little brother of the venerable Cubase SX 2. With a retail price of $899, Cubase System 4 is more expensive than its competition; its street price, however, is considerably less, and Cubase SL is arguably more fully featured.
--- End quote ---

acts as a dongle for Cubase SL2

Yes Chris, that's the little guy I pulled out of storage. It's really quiet and the preamps aren't trash. I'm surprised this thing is so good (for what it is). I have the interface running on Win 10 (installed with Vista SP 2 compatibility).

looks like a similar feature set to my E-mu 0404-USB,366.0.html


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