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KOT / Sandy Rivera (Amiga 500)
« on: December 08, 2019, 06:42:43 PM »

Studio Equipment

Power Mac 2 × 2.8 GHz Quad – Core Intel Xeon / 10.5.8
Two Monitors

Genelec 1032A with Subwoofer (Main)
Genelec 1029A (Reference)

Sontronics Orpheus (Main)
Neuman U-87 ai (Main2)
Cad E-200 (Still have it)

“I got tired of desks and decided to build my own rack of stuff.”
Neve 8816 Summing (Everything passes through this)
Neve 8803 Dual EQ (This is nice)
Neve 8801 Channel Strip (All my vocals)
S Stereo Mix Bus Compressor (I use a lot)
Super Stereo Compressor (I use a lot)
Avalon 737sp (Not as much)
500 Box
550B EQ (Four) (I use a lot)
525 Compressor (Four) (Good sound)
560 EQ (Two) (This EQ is better than all the EQ’s on my list)
UA 2-1176 (Dual) (Great for everything)
Tube Tech PE 1C (Two) (good for low end and tops)

Pro Tools 192 HD3
Pro Tools 192 Digital
Pro Tools 9 (Main)
Logic Pro 9
Ableton Live 9 (Main)

Since, I first run everything analog. I would only use plugins to fix bits if things are not sitting well in the mix. Keep in mind if you do or do not have good kit, it is wise to minus out EQ’s and don’t add. Also check your levels are not running too hot into to a plugin.
Focusrite Liquid
Battery 3 (Live drums)
BFD2 (Live drums) you can hear this on 7 days with Rae on my Soundcloud HERE
Geist (Really good for programming on the road)
Recycle (Ableton chops things up the same way)
Ivory (Nice piano sounds)
Machfive2 (This does not work well with Pro Tools 9)
Stylus RMX (I don’t use it)
Waves Gold
API Bundle (The 560 with the 2500 is great for mix bus channel also gives a sound close to the NEVE 8801)
SSL Bundle (This is good also for a mix bus channel)
Decapitator (Great for distortion)
Elephant (Very nice for a mix bus compressor)
Izotope 5 (An all around great mastering tool. It’s even better if you know what you are doing)
Melodyne (Nice for changing vocals and spreading out chords. The timing is a dream on vocals that are slightly out of time)
Fabfilter Pro – Q (This is a nice EQ highly recommended)
Soundtoys – Filterfreak 1 & 2 (These are nice)
SoundToys – EchoBoy (Nice also)

I don’t use the Triton or JV 1080 as much anymore. I use the others all the time.
Moog Voyager
Nord Lead 2
Poly Evolver
Korg M3
Novation Supernova 2
Virus T1 & T2
Korg Triton (Oldie)
Roland JV 1080 (Oldie)
OUT EFX: This is where the Pro Tools Digital comes in handy. They all appear in my plugins and I can patch any sound in.

Eventide Harmonizer ( A beast and it has really good compression and it’s dual so I can use it as two mix busses also)
TC Fireworx ( I run a lot of sounds into it after or before I print to audio)
TC DTwo ( I am not crazy about it, but the sound is good)
PCM 91 Reverb (Love it)
Electrix Filter Factory (Such a nice filter)

Elektron Octatrack (Sampler) (Main, but recent add in)
Emu 4XT ( I still have sounds in it that I like this, so I use it at times)

Elektron Machinedrum SPS-IUW+ (Main also, A recent add in)

MOTU 128

HARD DRIVES: About 20 :)

What piece of hardware/software elevated your production to a higher level & how?

Back in the day I was making tracks on an Alesis MMT8 in the bronx with a Yamaha SY77 and a Casio FZ1 Sampler with a 16 track mixer (I can’t remember the name of) and a DAT machine. I made the first few tunes on Blackwiz Records in 1993 with that kit.

So by 1995, I was really happy when I got an Amiga 500 with Dr T’s, Juno 106, TR 909 and an Adat machine. I finally really had sounds and could record vocals as you can see in this picture from 1996 I originally posted on facebook and then Traxsource thought it would be a good idea to do this feature.

(the original article on traxsource says Atari 500, but you can see from the photo he attached that it is in fact an amiga 500! and there is no atari 500, he could have meant atari 520, but in the photo, that is an AMIGA not ATARI)

keyboards in photo: Yamaha YS-100 (4 op FM synth), Juno 106, Casio FZ-1 Keyboard Sampler

Amiga 500 /w Dr T's Sequencing Software (KCS?)
Alesis MMT8
Yamaha SY77

Casio FZ1 Sampler Keyboard

Juno 106 (Poly Synth)
Yamaha YS-100 (FM Synth)

Drum Machines:
Roland TR-909

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