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digidesign products list (as of early 1997)
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Product List
Avid AudioStation
Avid AudioVision
Bit 3 PCI Expansion Chassis
Digidesign Pro Tools Software
 Digidesign Pro Tools III
 Digidesign Pro Tools Project
 Digidesign Pro Tools 4.0
Digidesign PostView
Digidesign PostConform
Digidesign Audiomedia II
Digidesign Audiomedia III
Digidesign Session Software
Digidesign Session 8 PC
Digidesign Sound Tools II
Digidesign Sound Designer II
Digidesign Masterlist CD
Digidesign Software Plug-Ins
Digidesign D-Verb
Digidesign DINR
Digidesign DPP-1
Digidesign Focusrite d2
Digidesign TC Tools
Dolby Surround Tools
Digidesign 888 I/O
Digidesign 882 I/O
Digidesign 882 Studio I/O
Digidesign ADAT® Interface
Digidesign SMPTE Slave Driver
Digidesign Video Slave Driver
Digidesign SampleCell II
Digidesign Turbosynth SC
Digidesign NuBus Expansion Chassis
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