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pro tools MIX 24 (Sep 1998) system checklist
« on: August 27, 2020, 01:26:07 PM »

HW Interface: any one of the following
-888 i/o
-888/24 i/o

-882 i/o
-882/20 i/o

-1622/24 i/o (1999)
"The 1622 I/O is designed for use with Pro Tools MIX and d24 cards. Do not connect it to DSP Farm or Pro Tools III cards."

"compatible with ProTools|24 MIXplus, ProTools|24 MIX, ProTools|24, Pro Tools III, ProTools Project systems"
these are the names of the different pre-configured bundles that were sold; depending on your configuration your system was labeled to be one of these series of pre-configured set-ups.

need the proper "DigiLink MIX Cable" , HD uses different cable connector
"For MIX, d24, and PTIII PCI systems you need a DB60 connector and a SCSI-2 50 pin connector to make these cables. "

Card: any one of the following
-MIX Core PCI Card (1998)
-MIX Farm PCI Card 
ProTools 24 MIX Plus is basically the 2 card combination consisting of 1 core + 1 farm card as a pair

Both cards provide similar DSP power, but Pro Tools requires a “Core” card to be able to run. Valid card configurations must include a MIX Core or a d24 Core.When multiple DigiSerial Ports exist in a system, only the DigiSerial Port on the first card (lowest numbered slot) is active.

-MIX I/O PCI Card 
-d24 PCI Card,1080.msg1121.html#msg1121
-Project II PCI Card
-Pro Tools Project PCI Card,
-Disk I/O PCI Card
-DSP Farm PCI Card
the different PCI interface cards that can be connected to the external audio interface units

g3/g4 Macintosh running MacOS8/9
(or any earlier PCI Macintosh, ie: 9600, 8600)

Pro Tools TDM 5.1.3

ADAT bridge/24 unit Digidesign ADAT® Interface
SampleCell II - PCI SampleCell II TDM Module - PCI
SMPTE Slave Driver (w/SSD Setup 1.3)
Video Slave Driver

October 1997
Pro Tools|24 provides digital recording,Pro Tools editing, and mixing with true 24-bit audio performance and up to 24 discrete tracks per audio card, plus 24 tracks of I/O capability with your Core System. Add powerful real-time DSP effects, advanced automation, integration with MIDI and digital video, plus support for a host of TDM and AudioSuite Plug-Ins and you've got the makings of a true, world class recording suite.

You begin with a "Core System" which includes a d24 audio card. This is a PCI-bus card which connects to your choice of Digidesign Audio Interfaces, either the 888|24 I/O ($3495 list) or 882 I/O ($995 list).

July 1999
Pro Tools|24 MIX ships in two different configurations, Pro Tools|24 MIX ($7,995) and Pro Tools|24 MIXplus ($9,995). Both are built around the MIX Core PCI board, a card that can handle up to 64-voice simultaneous playback (with a maximum of 128 tracks) and 16 channels of I/O.

heres a nice system description: