Author Topic: Looking for a midi sequencer that looks vintage but works modern  (Read 81 times)

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Hi guys, i'm running a old school production studio with a 1977 24tk Mixer, samplers, synths and so on.
I want to use a old school method; i have 2 computers, one for sequencing midi over my gears and one for master 2-track recording from the mixer out.

As said before, i love vintage, that's why i'm writing on this forum. I think you reader love vintage too  8)

I need a software midi sequencer that both looks vintage and sends/receive midi data from my actual midi interface (an AKAI MPD24). I'm using a 2008 toshiba windows laptop for the midi sequencing.

The best software i found was JJ SEQUENCER which is a nice rip-off of the AKAI MPC sequencer.

Do you know any vintage-looking midi sequencers that i can use with this configuration? I would love to use something very quirky like Voyetra Sequencer Plus but i need an old school computer and midi interface to run it.

Gimme some 8 bit colours, guys!!!