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Author Topic: Wavelab 1.6 (1997) requires Windows 95 or NT4.0  (Read 2474 times)

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Wavelab 1.6 (1997) requires Windows 95 or NT4.0
« on: December 22, 2014, 10:35:36 AM »



    486DX or better / 16MB RAM minimum
    CD-ROM Drive / MPC compatible 16-bit sound card
    Hard Disk with a minimum of 20 MB free space
    Video card supporting 256 colors or more
    Windows 95/NT 4.0 or higher
    For the Real-timeEngine: Pentium90 or faster recommended

This feature set list is by no mean complete but serves to give you a first introduction to the program.

File formats

    Supports WAV and AIFF file formats. One can transparently cut/copy/paste between formats without any conversion stage, even between 8 and 16 bit files, mono and stereo files.

Plug-In Interface

    WaveLab supports extra plug-in effects from many leading manufacturers. Grungelizer plug-in now included free with WaveLab!

Active Movie Support

    WaveLab can operate with any third-party plug-in conforming to the Microsoft Active Movie specification, such as those from Waves

User Interface

    Windows 95 compliant. Features tool bars, status bar, tool boxes, tabbed dialogs, spin controls, sliders, progress bars, context menus, tool tips, Explorer-like windows, multi-column lists, long file names, etc. WaveLab also provides some exclusive extensions such as popup sliders and foldable dialogs.
    User interface switchable between English, French and German.
    Window layout is saved on exit and restored when the program is run next time.
    Multi view concept: the same wave can be displayed in any number of windows with different zooms, scales, and display options.
    Most dialogs are modeless which means they can be left open. This lets you switch between operations very quickly (eg. process/play/undo/redo).
    Stereo overview: the main editing window can be split to simultaneously display detailed view and overview of the audio data. You can zoom in and customise the overview.
    Advanced zooming: Vertical and horizontal zoom in and out. Deep zoom to up to 32 screen pixels per sample. Lightning fast zooming.
    Horizontal and vertical scrolling. Real time screen update. Scrolling on playback.
    Vertical Selection available (to select a level range).
    View Snapshots: up to 8 sample views per audio file can be stored/recalled with a single mouse click.
    Customisable display: all colours can be redefined. Graphic elements such as time and level scales, axis, etc., can be displayed or hidden. Preset styles are provided.
    Very accurate time scale. Origin can be redefined. Independent for each view. Various time units available. Level scale in % or dB.

On-line help

    Windows 95 context help in all dialogs: click on any part of a dialog to get the corresponding help. Context help for menu options too.
    "Tips of the day" are displayed when the program opens.

Basic editing

    Disk based editor: requires little RAM to run, even for huge files. Advanced 32 bit caching technology provides unsurpassed disk access speed.
    True 32 bit multitasking. All editing, processing, loading, saving can be done while the music is playing.
    Extended Stereo Mode: WaveLab's exclusive "Dual mono" mode lets you edit pairs of mono files exactly as a stereo file. Load, save and do any processing on the 2 mono files in one operation just as if you were operating on a single stereo file. Great for Session 8 users.
    Full stereo editor (e.g. cut/insert on a single channel of a stereo file, unlike in any other editor currently available).
    Unlimited number of Undos/Redos for all operations. Undoing/Redoing is instantaneous. Moreover, it consumes almost no RAM or disk memory for the most common operations such as cut/copy/paste/silence. For immediate comparison Undo/Redo can be performed while the music plays.
    Instantaneous cut/copy/paste/delete/silence operations. Indedependent of file size! No data is moved on disk.
    Various paste modes: insert, overlap, mix, multi-paste.
    Thanks to graphic waveform caching, reopening files is instantaneous, no matter what size the file has.
    Drag and drop editing: Simply drag wave segments to copy/move/paste/delete/crossfade.
    Clipboard data can be made visible and edited, as can any other wave file.
    Selecting cut/copy/paste works almost as with a text editor, with the mouse or the keyboard.
    Multiple files can be opened simultaneously. Open/re-open pairs of mono files in just one operation.
    Customisable zero-crossing for selection and markers. Fade In/Out, Crossfades
    User definable logarithmic slopes. Graphic display.

Time Stretching

    Change the duration of a recording without affecting the pitch. High speed and high quality thanks to unique algorithms (best quality available on the PC!). Musician-friendly handling. Tempo calculator integrated.

Pitch correction

    Change the pitch of a recording with or without affecting the duration (and all cases in between). High speed and high quality thanks to unique algorithms (best quality available on the PC!).


    Creates polyphonic chords with up to 16 voices from one audio file. Based on a mono file you can create a stereo multiple voice file with individual pan adjustment for each voice. Presets can be saved.

Hi-fi Chorus

    High quality chorus based on our pitch correction engine. Up to 100 chorus voices can be stacked. Create stereo chorus files from mono files. Presets can be saved.

Parametric Equalizer

    Fast high quality low-noise 3 band equalizer (low shelf, bell and high shelf). Frequency, gain and Q factor can be adjusted. Colour display of frequency / boost response curve. Presets can be saved.

Dynamics processor

    You can graphically configure compressors, expanders, limiters, gates or any combination of these. Up to 200 thresholds can be defined. Auto mode, expert mode and many useful options are provided. Presets can be saved.

Other processors

    DC offset eliminator, sample rate converter, normalizer with selectable level, gain adjuster, phase inverter, time inverter, channels swapper.

File Format converter

    Convert between mono and stereo, 8 and 16 bit, different sample rates, WAV and AIFF, all in one operation.

Batch processor

    Lets you apply any process sequence (eg. EQ, time compression, format convertion, etc.) to any number of files. Files already open can also be treated. Customisable file renaming and many options available. Presets can be saved.


    Any number of markers can be defined. Marker appearance can be customised. Markers can be accessed in a list where they are sorted by position or name. Exclusive "magnetic" setting for best adjustement of Audio regions.

AudioAccess database

    The first and only 32-bit Audio database available on the PC. Stores and organises references to all audio files residing on your hard-disk(s), CD-ROMs and other removable media.
    Disks can be scanned to find specific files.
    Audio files can be organised in hierarchic groups (eg. Sound Effects / Nature / Animal / Birds). Various Audio file search criteria: by size, date, attributes (mono/stereo/resolution/rate/format), comment, keywords, group, disk location. Search presets can be saved.
    Audio files can be displayed as a list or as icons (similar to the Windows 95 Explorer).
    Extremely fast database access thanks to a proprietary 32 bit technology implementation.
    Multiple databases can be open at the same time. Drag and drop editing. Explorer-like user interface.


    A project is a set of audio files that you can arrange in a window for quick access. Projects retain wave window layouts: when re-opening a project you will find the same wave window layout again.

CD Burning

    WaveLab now includes integrated CD Audio burning, with drivers for popular CD recorders built right into the program. No other CD burning software required!


    Accurate Vu-Meters. Integrated audio source mixer.

Spectrum analysis

    The audio spectrum can be displayed as 3D graphics. Extended viewing options with linear and logarithmic scales, colour and grey scales, customisable viewing angles, auto zoom, multi-view, frequency range selection. Optimised 32-bit FFT for best performances.


    WaveLab comes on a CD with 200 Megabytes of original top quality sounds.

   The following benchmarks have been performed on a PC with a Pentium 90 processor and a 1 GigaByte Hard Disk running Windows 95 as its operating system.

Actions were performed using a 16 bit, 44.1 kHz, Stereo file with a file size of 33 Megabytes equalling 3 min 7 s of sound:

    Open Soundfile - The first time: 40,7 s
    Open Soundfile - The next times: 0,5 s
    Cut Soundfile (1min.): 0,007 s
    Undo Cut: 0,003 s
    Insert Data (1min.): 0,007 s
    Transform entire left channel to stereo file: 0,220 s
    Undo then Redo any action: 0,003 s + 0,003 s

Actions performed using a 16 bit, 44.1 kHz, Stereo file with a file size of 1 Megabyte equalling 6,5 s of sound:

    Zoom In and Out in 20 steps, to perform 40 screen redraws (640 x 480 Display): 3,9 s
    High Quality Time Stretching (110 %): 2,40 s
    High Quality Pitch Correction by keeping length (1 halftone): 2,45 s
    Low Noise Parametric EQ (bass boost): 2,48 s
    Frequency Analysis (FFT): 2,05 s
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Re: Wavelab 1.6 (1997) requires Windows 95 or NT4.0
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2015, 02:59:40 AM »
wavelab 1.0 is on vetusware - dated as 1995

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