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Hi, I've got the following:

Voyetra Sequencer Plus MKI
Voyetra Sequencer Plus MKII
Voyetra Sequencer Plus MKIII
Voyetra Sideman Roland D-50

I'm looking for the Voyetra Patch Manager software. Do you know where I can locate it?

i was going to buy it off ebay a few years back; for the purpose of trying to make it available here, but never did;

I have archived the original floppies using my Kryoflux and CPS Option board. I can make original floppy disk copies (which maintains the original copy protection) on demand if needed.


i have been given a similar device not sure if its a kryoflux its just a floppy drive with 2 pcb boards connected to each other, connected to the floppy ribbon and then powered by a micro usb cable...  i havent used it yet however

i also have a 386 DX40Mhz machine with a Voyetra V24s


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