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Author Topic: micro logic 2.0 *working Demo* (Oct 1996) download links (mac/pc)  (Read 3282 times)

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looking for a cubase demo?


micro logic 2.0 MAC

micro logic 2.0 PC
^^^ THIS FILE IS DAMAGED | use this download instead: http://www.sonicspot.com/logic/ml2demo.exe
or download direct from the attachment (, remember to rename to 8.3 filename for windows 3.1 if using on that os
once installed, the .exe file is dated October 1996

article on the flagship product of the same time:


• 25MHz 386 PC or better.
• 4Mb of RAM -- 8Mb recommended.
Windows 3.1 running in Enhanced Mode.


MicroLOGIC 2.0 for Windows
MicroLOGIC is based on the LOGIC concept, one of the most successful music production systems for professionals available today. It offers performance and features that until now were only found in more expensive software systems; for example, the unsurpassed timing resolution of 960 pulses per quarter note for the most accurate reproduction of your performance and realtime reversible editing so you don't have to stop the sequencer before you hear the changes you've made. MicroLOGIC opens the doors to the fascinating world of computer aided composition with a wealth of functionality that far exceeds the conventional standard in its price class. It is easy to learn and fun to use.

And, as a registered user, you will receive the same level of update service and support from EMAGIC as those who use our high-end software. This little sibling of the successful LOGIC system offers many more useful and powerful functions than you would expect for the price. These will help give your work a professional edge and you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll become familiar with their use. Enjoy making music with your computer while you explore the possibilities.

The Arrange window graphically displays your recorded Sequences as horizontal beams for each Track. Record multiple Sequences per Track. Sequences can be moved, looped, copied, pasted or erased. A large variety of quantization options means that you can quickly achieve professional sounding results from spur-of-the-moment recordings. Assign colour to your sequences or entire tracks, and give them names for ease of identification.

Your performances can be displayed in a number of linked editing windows that present your music in different ways. Alter the data in one window and the others will automatically update, making MicroLOGIC ideal for learning about MIDI and music. Select these editors from a convenient menu system or simply double click to open a new one. For instance, double click a sequence to display its contents in the Score window as notation that can be edited and printed. Even add Lyrics that automatically line up with the notes. Or choose from a large palette of symbols to achieve the look you require. An extensive range of Score Styles makes sense of your notation with a minimum of fuss. Double click a note on the stave and the Event List opens to display your music as a descriptive alphanumeric list. This detailed information is invaluable for editing any MIDI event, not only the notes. The Event List will also display your entire composition in the same manner to provide you with a different type of overview. Open the Matrix Editor to see the notes portrayed as horizontal beams on a vertical keyboard. This is ideal for editing the lengths of notes or as, for instance, a powerful drum sequencer. You will find Zoom tools in most graphic windows to help you manipulate and fine tune your music. Any combination of these editors can be used within your composition to help you achieve the ideal result.

The tempo of your compositions can also be edited with a dedicated Tempo List. This allows you to insert a tempo change at any time position throughout a song, and the current tempo will be displayed in the Transport panel.

In addition to all this is the "General MIDI" mixer: It offers the perfect balancing for all General MIDI sounds, including reverb, chorus, portamento, pan, mute and volume. Even if you have just one GM sound module (such as Roland's Sound Canvas) and MicroLOGIC, you'll soon be recording and mixing great sounding songs. Mixes can also be automated. Remember, your mixer settings can also be saved with each song, so performances are easy to repeat and different versions of a mix can be recalled at any time. Synchronise your music with video in your computer for even more creative possibilities. Add audio to your MIDI composition with the new Waveplayer (below)

MicroLOGIC has a clearly laid out user interface complemented by an extensive list of assignable Key Commands to give you direct access to most functions. When you also consider that MicroLOGIC's important editing functions are realtime and reversible, you realise that this is a program which will help you work quickly and easily.

MicroLOGIC's carefully selected range of features makes it easy to understand, great to use and ideal for anyone who's just started working with MIDI and sequencing, while providing superb training for those who wish to move up to the sophistication of LOGIC and LOGIC Audio in the future.

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  • "Vintage MIDI Sequencing + Audio Production"
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