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Digidesign Website (late 90s)
« on: August 27, 2020, 03:05:23 PM »

AD-1000   Apogee Electronics
AD-1 Pro Audio Analyzer   Intelligent Devices
Argent   The Dice Company
AutoConform 3.0   AirWorks
AudioTrack   Waves
A/V Optimized Subsystems   Glyph Technologies, Inc.
BarbaBatch   Audio Ease
Bit 3   Bit 3 Computer Corporation
C1 - Compressor/Gate   Waves
Cakewalk Pro Audio   Cakewalk Music Software
CD Studio   Gallery Software
Cool School Interactus   Cool Breeze Systems, Inc
Cubase Audio   Steinberg
d2   Focusrite
DaD Valve   DUY
DATStudio   Gallery Software
DeClicker   Steinberg
Digital Performer   Mark of the Unicorn
Digital Timepiece   Mark of the Unicorn
DUY Shape   DUY
DUY Wide   DUY
EDL Pro   Alba Editorial, Inc.
Eternal Machine EM I   APB Tools
Gearbox   Gallery Software
Green Range   Focusrite
GRM Tools: Vol. 1   INA-GRM
GRM Tools: Vol. 2   INA-GRM
HUI   Mackie Designs Inc
Hyperprism 1.5   Arboretum Systems
Hyperprism-TDM   Arboretum Systems
INFINITY DSP Looping Tools   AnTares Systems
Interpreter   Gallery Software
I.Q. Intelligent Equalizer   Intelligent Devices
JVP - AnTares Voice Processor   AnTares Systems
L1 - Ultramaximizer   Waves
Liquifier   Lquid Audio
LOGIC Audio 2.5   EMAGIC
MasterTools   Apogee Electronics
MDT - Multiband Dynamics Tool   AnTares Systems
Mezzo Media Technologies   Grey Matter Response
NuVerb   Lexicon
On-the-Air   Softron Media Services
On-the-Air   Softron Media Services
Peak   BIAS
Precision AudioTools   Gallery Software
ProductionPalette   Gallery Software
Protron   Crystal River Engineering
PS22-Stereomaker   Waves
Pure DSP   Mark of the Unicorn
PXB-7-RMD   Magma
Q10 - 10-band Parametric EQ   Waves
QSYS/TDM   QSound Labs, Inc.
QX/SDII 2.0   QSound Labs, Inc.
QX/TDM   QSound Labs, Inc.
Rack N' Roll   Rorke Data
Red Valve-It   Steinberg
RS-160C CD Recorder   Ricoh
ReCycle!   Steinberg
S1 - Stereo Imager   Waves
SampleSearch   Gallery Software
Sigma 1   APB Tools
S/Link 2.1   AirWorks
SONIC SEARCH   Sonic Science
Sound SuperEdit 1.0   Binari Sonori
Spatializer PT3D   Spatializer Audio Laboratories, Inc.
Spectralizer   Steinberg
SST - Spectral Shaping Tool   AnTares Systems
Studio Vision Pro   Opcode
Tape   WildSync Systems, L.L.C
TC Tools   T.C. Electronic
TimeBandit   Steinberg
TimeGuard   Steinberg
TITAN   Synchro Arts Limited
ToolBelt   Synchro Arts Limited
Track-It   Sprocket Development
TrueVerb for TDM   Waves
Tun-A   Steinberg
V1 and V1b   Doremi Labs, Inc
VocAlign   Synchro Arts Limited