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Author Topic: list of equipment mentioned in the setup files / cubase audio XT (1997)  (Read 1567 times)

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list of equipment mentioned in the cubase setup files

akai mpc60
akai dr8
akai dr16
akai s612

alesis d4
alesis midiverb
alesis quadraverb

casio cz-3000
creative labs AWE32
digidesign 882
digidesign audiomedia III

digitech dsp128
digitech dsp256

dmc mx8

emu morpheus
emu procussion
emu proformance 1
emu proteus fx
emu proteus 1
emu proteus 2
emu proteus 3
emu vintage keys
emu vintage keys pro
emu emax

ensoniq sq80
ensoniq VFX
ensoniq esq1
ensoniq sd1

fostex dcm100
fostex fos280

kawai k1
kawai k3
kawai k4
kawai k5
kawai gmega
kawai xd5

kmx 8x8
kmx 15x16

korg 01w
korg 03rw
korg 05/rw
korg X5

korg drv2000
korg sdd3300

korg dw6000
korg dw8000
korg EX800

korg wavestation
korg wavestation AD
korg wavestation SR

korg m1
korg t1
korg t2
korg t3
korg m3r

kurzweil k1000
kurzweil k2000

lexicon lxp5
lexicon lxp15
lexicon lxp5II
lexicon lxp1
lexicon pcm 70

motu midi mixer 7s

oberheim matrix 6
oberheim matrix 1000
oberheim ob8
oberheim xpander

peavey dpm3
quasimidi quasar

roland soundcanvas
roland sc55
roland spd8 percussion pad

roland d5
roland d10
roland d20
roland d50
roland d70
roland d110
roland d550
roland mt32

roland juno1/2
roland juno106
roland jx8p
roland mks20
roland mks50
roland mks80
roland mks70

roland r8
roland r8m

roland u110
roland u220

roland jv30 (1991)
roland jv80,6027
roland jv90
roland jv880
roland jv1000
roland jv1080
roland jd800
roland jd990

roland RAP10 sound card
roland rd1000
roland sbx 80 (sync box)

sequential cirtcuits sixtrak
sequential circuits prophet

tascam mm1
tc electronic tc2290

yamaha dmp7
yamaha dx7ii
yamaha sy77
yamaha tx802
yamaha tx7
yamaha tx81z
yamaha v50
yamaha rx7
yamaha rx8
yamaha rx5
yamaha tg55
yamaha sy55
yamaha sy22

waldorf microwave

yamaha tg55, yamaha tx81z, alesis d4, akai s612,  AWE32 card, e-mu procussion, proteus1, alesis midiverb, juno 1, juno 2, juno 106, roland u110, roland jv880, roland r8,
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