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What is GS? What is General MIDI?



--- Quote ---What is Roland's GS format?
The GS Format is Roland's set of specifications for standardizing the performance of sound generating devices. In addition to including support for everything defined by the General MIDI System, the highly-compatible GS Format additionally offers an expanded number of sounds, provides for the editing of sounds, and spells out many details for a wide range of extra features, including effects such as reverb and chorus. Designed with the future in mind, the GS Format can readily include new sounds and support new hardware features when they arrive.

Since it is upwardly compatible with the General MIDI System, Roland's GS Format is capable of reliably playing back GM Scores equally as well as it performs GS Music Data (music data that has been created with the GS Format in mind).

What's General MIDI?
General MIDI is an industry-wide set of specifications for sound sources that allow music data to be created regardless of manufacturer or specific models. General MIDI defines the minimum number of voices that should be supported, the MIDI messages that should be recognized, which sounds correspond to which Program Change numbers, and the layout of rhythm sounds on the keyboard. The General MIDI logo on a sound source indicates compatibility with song data which also carries the General MIDI logo.
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