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Author Topic: Roland S-MPU-IIAT (1995) Intelligent MIDI Processing Unit  (Read 4330 times)

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Roland S-MPU-IIAT (1995) Intelligent MIDI Processing Unit
« on: December 24, 2014, 01:36:54 PM »

i read that this card was intended to provide 32 channels to communicate with the Roland SC-88 module.
which has a matching MIDI A + MIDI B connections labelled in the same way.

Applicable Models    IBM PC/AT or 100% compatibles equipped with an ISA card slot.
*PCs that support PlugandPlay are recommended when running Windows®3.1.
Memory    8 MB or greater (16MB or greater is recommended when running Windows®95)
Operating System    Windows®95, Windows®3.1, MS-DOS® Ver5.0 or higher
HD size    2 MB of free space
Interrupt Line    Any one of IRQ3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 15
I/O Port Address    Assignable: Continuous 16 bytes between 0300 and FFFF
MIDI Interface    Super MPU compatible (except LTC(SMPTE)Sync)
(MIDI Connector Box)    MIDI Out x2 5-pin DIN type
MIDI In x2 5-pin DIN type
The supplied Software    Windows®95 Plug and Play Driver.
Windows®3.1 Plug and Play Driver.
Enabler (is needed on MS-DOS or Windows®3.1 using the computer that does not support Plug and Play)
Super MPU Native Applications:SMPUPLAY for Windows, VU Meters, SMPUMIXER for Windows, S-MPU MIDI Patcher, MIDI Program Changer, MIDI Keyboard, Hyper Tone Viewer
Power Supply    Supplied from the computer
Current Draw    70mA/DC+5V(during operation)
Dimensions    Main Board:5(W) x 6-3/4(D) x 3/4(H)inches, 126(W) x 171(D) x 18(H)mm
MIDI Connector Box:2(W) x 2-1/2(D) x 1/1/8(H)inches, 51(W) x 62.2(D) x 28.6(H)mm
Weight    Main Board:90 g
MIDI Connector Box:51 g
Accessories    Driver+Application Disk/3.5" 2HD FD
Owner's Manual
MIDI Connector Box
8 pin Cable (for Connector Box)