Author Topic: a modern external floppy device for ATARI ST??? does it exist out there?  (Read 3405 times)

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im wondering if theres anyone out there that sells a complete turn key package (made from new modern parts) for people who want to keep the builtin floppy but also want a 2nd floppy drive, and/or floppy drive emulator; since drives can be daisy chained why not have a B: external floppy + a C: gotek etc

for existing 1040STE owners its pretty hard to find an external drive that isnt already paired with a 520ST that REQUIRES it to be able to function - i dont want to ruin a 520ST system just to have a second floppy on my STE, so im wondering, isnt it possible for someone to create an external floppy drive for the ST from new parts? using modern 5vUSB power?

 i can see that the information is available to do such a thing and have a floppy that uses a 5v USB power supply connecting to the ATARI ST via this external floppy connection cable, it would be amazing if someone could create such a product that also included , since drives can be daisy chained, a 3.5" bay for both a floppy drive and a hxc/gotek type emulated floppy; and perhaps a second 3.5" bay that allowed a choice to choose between hxc SD card or USB gotek. this woudl be the most ideal solution i can think of, allowing for floppy to floppy copying and also copying from floppy to modern floppy emulation disk image for archivial purposes.

honestly i think it would be a good money making opportunity for the right person to create a simple 3.5" external case that has the atari DIN14 cable attachment, (visually similar to the CUMANA drive in the video below, but powered via 5v USB) this device could then be used by people to create as many floppy drives as they require to use for real floppy drives as well as gotek/hxc emulated floppy drives with flash storage.

in this video it shows that the drive included a stepdown transformer and that the drive itself was only actually being powered by 5v
creating a modern external floppy for the ATARI ST would be easy to power it via a usb cable as everyone has adapters for USB powered devices no matter where you are in the world and what type of power connection ie: uk vs north american

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