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soft sampler / midi synced tracker in 1992 ?


hello everyone,
i got a brand new sound blaster pro together with the first computer of mine ( IBM PC AT 286 ) in 1992, and i was rejoicing at the thought of making tracks using my own programed FM sounds, samples, eq, FX... all of this with my sole IBM PC !
well, it didn't take long before i had to understand that this wouldn't be possible: the sound blaster was using FM circuits indeed, but all i could trigger with the sequencer was boring presets; no front end to program the FM synth; no virtual sampler to trigger samples, so the only way to do this was to use a tracker, which was a DOS program, so no midi sequencer to work in the same time...
In the end, i didn't do much with that 2300 french francs (=350 € before inflation...) worth sound card until 3 years later, when i bought a midi cable & used it only to sequence my first midi instruments: How frustrating !
Also, there wasn't any internet to get me more infos about what was possible at the time...

Now that i can look it  all up on the net, i want to take my revenge on the past: recreate a setup like it should have been possible in 1992, and make the tunes that i should have done at the time.

Hence my question: what software was there to trigger samples from the midi sequencer in 1992 ?
either midi syncing a tracker, or directl triggering of samples via midi...

I heard u can trigger instruments via midi in on fast tracker 2, but that was working on DOS, and that was 1994 already....
could fast tracker one have its instrument triggered by midi already? I couldn't find infos on that :/

im just now trying to get familiar with trackers for DOS + Amiga
so im afraid i cant offer much atm


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