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Author Topic: 7.6.1 on Centris 650, reboot at Happy Mac  (Read 742 times)

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7.6.1 on Centris 650, reboot at Happy Mac
« on: December 05, 2020, 11:39:52 AM »

I was given this Centris 650 (thank you) which has an installation of System 7.6.1 on it.  Nothing seems terribly wrong with the installation, so I've just been leaving it as-is.

However, this system does one thing which I don't remember seeing a 68k Mac do before.

At the first cold boot, it gets to Happy Mac, and then instantly reboots.  It reminds me of what an Amiga does when it is installing a patch via SetPatch or doing a ShapeShifter "prepareemul" to map the MMU.  On the second boot, the machine boots as normal.

Is this normal for 7.6.1 on a Centris (or Quadra)?

The only other thing I can blame would be that the system also has SpeedDoubler and RAMDoubler installed.  I disabled all the extensions and control panels, but it is my understanding that some utilities can actually modify the System file in other ways... maybe that has been done here.

Of course I could do a stock, fresh install of 7.6.1 and see if it does the reboot also, but I am trying to not spend all of my time on this project.  :)

Any clues?


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Re: 7.6.1 on Centris 650, reboot at Happy Mac
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2020, 06:32:39 AM »
it probably is a result of a system extension that is installed; or some type of customization script