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Digital orchestrator Pro 30205_nt update



I have an old and legit install CD of Dop pro 3.0 and trying to find the 30205_nt update.
I can't log in to the old ftp site to get it (
Anyone have this file on a disk or can point me to a download?

I managed to install the version I have in WinXP, but would like to have the latest version.
The files I have found on the net is mostly the 95/98 (16bit version)

Any help is highly appreciated!


i was going to say you should be focused on turtlebeach instead of voyetra as the big fish ate the smaller fish
but their site that was up a few years back seems to have been replaced with a new/modern crappier version that dropped all the support info for the old voyetra stuff! it may still exist somewhere this might take alot of sleuthing to figure out tho


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