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Author Topic: interfaccia MIDI vintage cabletronic mint290 problema configurazione MIDI  (Read 1954 times)

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good morning to those who will have the patience to read my problem; :) :) :)

I have a vintage MIDI interface cabletronic mint290; connected USB 2.0 with adapter;
operating system win10 pro 64 bit;
program used SYmanager 2.2.2;

MIDI connection: OUT weighted keyboard -> IN MIDI interface - - - OUT MIDI interface -> IN Synth

made the regular MIDI connections with the PC, and opening the program but appears the following message: you have either no MIDI input or no output devices on your system; SY manager requires both input and output devices to work correctly;

Having said that, I ask if the MIDI interface needs a driver to work or maybe it is not compatible with the operating system?  :-\

Offline foksadure

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Vintage serial devices does not work well with USB/Serial adapters.

Furthermore, even though you'd connect the Cabletronics to the real COM port of your computer (they all still have at least one), you'd need a driver, which most likely does not exists for a 64bit OS.

I see from the other forum that you have bought a more modern MIDI USB interface.

Hope it's working.