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Author Topic: "Recording from Busses" top feature only in PRO license  (Read 387 times)

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"Recording from Busses" top feature only in PRO license
« on: May 25, 2021, 01:50:46 AM »
its only included in the Cubase "PRO level" Licenses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought it was included in Cubase "Artist level" license but, no!!!

this feature let's you set the input of any audio channel to be from any of the group channels you have created.
it's especially handy for handling REWIRE audio from other apps to record in realtime, but its also handy for many other aspects to the skilled studio engineer!

this "Recording from Busses" feature was however included in Cubase "STUDIO" versions which were only put out for v4 + v5 for whatever reason; of course those versions of cubase are 32bit only, i was hoping that v5 would have eventually got patched with the fix for the 64bit rewire but i patched up to v5.5.3 and nope.. no 64bit rewire devices showing up to be enabled.

i've realized that i can run Cubase Artist 5 and it works from my artist license. I'm NOt 100% sure if its my Cubase Artist License or a license emulator that got installed when i installed another version of Cubase 5 (from AiR DVD ISO) i installed on my system that is allowing me to run Cubase Studio 5. I think its the former rather than the latter tho. So i think anyone else who owns an artist level license who needs to use this feature can do so by using Cubase Artist 5. (download link posted here on this site)