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Author Topic: Cubase Studio 4 requires 4.5.2 update for recording from buses?  (Read 381 times)

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Cubase Studio 4 requires 4.5.2 update for recording from buses?
as we all know "recording from buses" lets us assign the output of a group chanel to any audio channel in Cubase but this feature is only on the flagship Cubase level licenses, aswell as Pro + Studio level licenses. this feature is left out from Cubase Artist which in my opinion is not right but whatever. Steinberg has to keep the lights on i guess.

I just now installed Cubase Artist 4 from The 4.1 ISO image and this feature didnt work for me at first untill i applied the 4.5.2 update. I tested it with 32bit Rewire from Ableton Live Lite 8 (v8.4.2) into Cubase Artist 4.5.2 and confirmed i was able to do this.