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Hi All,

I love my Akai S1100 (and S1100EX!) but would rather edit it remotely. To me, a remote editor should allow access to every button and/or function on the device itself. I have a remote editor for my E-mu EIIIxp that runs on Macintosh System 7 and it works as such.

I've combed the interwebs for knowledge on an S1100 editor, and I've tried limited solutions (e.g. SoundDiver), but I would love to find the original editor that was allegedly developed for it.

According to marketing information from 1992-93 trade magazines, the Akai S1100 was to offer a software option called Sample Tools, which was supposed to ship in 1993. Here is the original text citing Akai demonstrating it (taken from a 1993 Atari mailing list):

 ::  Volume 2 - Issue  3     ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE      29 January 1993  ::

==> Akai/IMC

They were showing sample editing tools for the Akai family of samplers. Three programs in a new line of software called Sample Tools. Also includes the unique capability to read Roland formatted SCSI media for samples. Of course, AKAI samples can be read without any problem.

Polystar - realtime wave editor and librarian for Akai samplers.
Parastar - realtime parameter and sample editor for Akai samplers.
Wavestar - realtime wave editor for all samplers SDS (sample dump standard).

All of these products should be shipping during the first quarter of 1993.

PO BOX 2344
Fort Worth, TX 76113

Additionally, I've found other information about the editors, which appear to be made not by Akai, but by a company called Intersound out of Italy.

"Sound-specialist Intersound now offers four new modules for Sample-Tools, a package to make the work with samples easier and that is fully Steinberg-Avalon compatible.

POLYSTAR: (For AKAI S -1100/S -1000) It's a database with a fully integrated Realtime Wave Editor that allows you to get the samples from SCSI devices and more than 18 can be organized within 1Mb! It allows to search and sort in almost any way and they can be automatically loaded and played by the Atari.

PARASTAR: (For AKAI S-1100/S-1000.) This is a complete parameter-editor that goes with the Realtime Wave Editor that lets you edit the analog parameters fast and easy. It gets the parameters and samples either from SCSI devices or the AKAI MIDI-interface. (Remember: Realtime means that almost anything you do with the mouse on the screen or change in parameters can be heard at the same time.) Digital signal Processing can be made at any time and it works with all standard MIDI-Sample-Dump samples."

Any help finding the Polystar or Parastar editor for the S1100 would be helpful. I believe it was offered on both Mac and Atari platforms.

I'm including a marketing promo image that shows the S1100/S1100EX with a Mac SE/30 that seems to be running the editor. If you look closely on the Mac screen below the waveform display, you can see that each S1100 button is represented.

I am hopeful that someone in this community must have crossed paths with either Polystar or Parastar at some point.


I would also be very happy with Interval Music’s sEDIT S1000 editor, which seems to work with the S1100.

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