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standard browser shortcuts



hmm this article is actually really helpful

F5   Refresh
Ctrl + F5   Refresh and reset the browser cache for the current page.
Alt + Left Arrow   Back
Alt + Right Arrow   Forward
Alt + Home   Return to Homepage
Escape   Stop
F6   Select the address bar (Alt+D and Ctrl+L also works here)
F11   Fullscreen mode, exit fullscreen mode
Home   Scroll to top of page
End   Scroll to bottom of page
Spacebar   Scroll down
Shift+ Spacebar   Scroll up
Page Down / Up   Scroll down / up
Ctrl + C   Copy selected text
Ctrl + X   Cut (copy and delete original) text
Ctrl + V   Paste copied text

Ctrl + D   Bookmark current page
F1   Open a mostly useless help page
F3   Perform a text search on the current page, find next text result
Shift + F3   Find previous text search results
Ctrl + F   Perform a text search on the current page
Ctrl + G   Find next text result
Ctrl + Shift + G   Find previous text result
Ctrl + H   Open browsing history
Ctrl + J   Open downloads folder and/or history
Ctrl + O   Open a local file in the browser
Ctrl + S   Download and save current page
Ctrl + P   Print current page
Ctrl + E   Select the search box or omnibar. (Ctrl + K also works)
Ctrl + Shift + Del   Opens up the clear browser history dialog or settings
Alt + Enter   Open search in a new tab
Ctrl + Enter   Open search term as a website
F12   Open developer tools or Firebug
Ctrl + U   View source
Alt + F   Makes the menu bar appear (if hidden)

Ctrl + N   Opens a new window (this works in Windows too)
Ctrl + Tab   Cycle forward to the next tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab   Cycle backward to the previous tab
Ctrl + F4   Closes the current tab.
Ctrl + T   Opens a new tab.
Ctrl + Shift + T   Opens a recently closed tab.
Alt + F4   Close the entire window (truly universal for every app)
Ctrl + # key (1 to 8)   Changes view to the tab number chosen
Ctrl + 9   Changes view to the last tab

Ctrl + Mousewheel   Zoom in our out
Ctrl + 0   Reset to 100% (default) zoom
Mousewheel Press   Closes tabs if clicked on a tab, opens links in a new tab, scroll
Ctrl + Left Click   Open link in a new tab
Shift + Left click   Open link in a new window
Shift + Ctrl + Left click   Open link in a new background tab


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