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Wayback Machine Appears to be Changing FOR THE WORSE!!!>>>


Let me first present the image-

I have also found many links to OTHER ZIPs, EXEs that have NOT YET redirected no longer provide the download they used to...

This appears to be happening RAPIDLY!...WTF?

i saw something about a planned power outage affecting their servers last night. they have always been hit +miss with servers that go up + down its been that way for years

thats why its better to stash files on a forum post as an attachment on multuple forums for some of these small rare files

Well, I am CERTAINLY taking your advice on the attachment issue...AND THANK YOU MUCHLY!

As to power outages I have seen wayback down before many times but this one real odd not like before plus many links to archives NOW are 'dead'...You go to the snapshot to download the ZIP (or whatever) & nothing happens just blank white page no action...

Thanks for the helpful information


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