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CutterMusic SawCutter 2.0 Win32 - Funky OT Sequencer Favored by Many>>>


Here is an OldTime Fav for many...SAWCUTTER!

Capable of funky sounds with it's own nuance this sequencer is best used adjusting as it's playing. Probably best application of it is to render out segments to put in your DAW or other more modern sequencer...

Here's a YT on SAWCUTTER 2.0-

Here's a YT on SAWCUTTER 1.0-

There's alot of DSP in this for a very small install!!!

Recently came across the FIRST version which was a portable freeware...

If the wayback machine works then direct link-

If NOT then attached below....

Since this plug is from CutterMusic I decided to keep here with the OTHER CutterMusic stuff....

This is Revitar 2.17 VSTi Physical Model Acoustic Guitar Plug...

Once commercial then released as freeware in 2012...

Very good with great intonation & it's 'own sound'-



Here Revitar in Massiva 1.2-

This is available elsewhere but usually version 2.0 or 2.01 with NO manual & NO presets...

This is the final build 2.17 from 2014, with manual and with a few preset banks...The Bass Bank actually real good as this plug makes a great Bass Instrument as well

32 & 64 bit versions included....


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