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Legowelt Samples WAV & Some Others>>>


Having posted this elsewhere-

Can't have enough samples if you use samples in your Trackers...

Legowelt has some good ones of a different approach...HERE-

You will OBVIOUSLY discover some DEAD LINKS to some Packs...I have sourced these on the wayback machine- (Presently WORKING)

These are DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINKS to the missing Packs- Juno 106 Samples

Here's some real nice Bass Loops in WAV a guy did...Be sure to save a copy of webpage as he outlines KEY & TEMPO of each. This site exists today but these cool old Bass Riffs are long gone- NOTE - These seem to be ACiDized...

Here's the old Hollow Sun Freeware AKAIs...You can use the bare WAVs-

Typhoon Drums 1 & 2 & 808 WAVs-

Ruffrider Drums in WAV & numerous sampler formats-

EasyRider Drums in WAV & numerous sampler formats-

3am Noise Loops-

3am Sample Pak ISO-

6 Folders WAV Files-

Rekkerd Loops Library Direct Link-

Here is GSCW Drum Library in Halion (with WAVs)-

Also you can find a few Packs here-

There you go...all there AS LONG AS WAYBACK MACHINE IS UP!!


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