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Friendly Tip for Protrekkr Users & Abusers....

Protrekkr can record up to 16 note lanes with polyphony for each track...

But using the QWERTY keyboard it'll only record one at a time...Well, if you only had 2 or 3 notes you can just do the ole' one note record then ARROW over to the next lane & record the second note of the triad, etc...

I have several actual MIDI Controllers but they are not sometimes handy or maybe no room for them at the time...

Virtual MIDI Controller is the answer (Well, if you are on windows)...

Also has its own midi port

I like that it is very big.

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Thanks 6Track...I did not know that even existed....

Well another crap video...This time with DUAL 303s...I have bank ONE playing riffs at slower speed & bank TWO double speed bass line for movement...

Also this is an Acid Jazz pattern so a slightly different use of the 303's...

Once again use of the internal 'CSynth'...

You get video, patterns I made for 303s & The song module to fart with...

BTW...Here is my method for naming the 303 patterns-

When using the 303 patterns you gotta adjust out the 303 bank params & track params then save song...None of that is saved with any particular pattern...

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After listening to that Module again I made a few adjustments...There was too much Reverb on the Kick & I also added velocities to the other drums...

Also separated the two 303s a bit more left-right for better clarity between them & some filter adjusts...

Module attached....

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Small bug fix and some new modules.

Code: [Select]
ProTrekkr releases history


- Fixed a small bug in synth params.
- Added some modules.


- LCTRL+LSHIFT+F (or right mouse button on icon):
  Fill a block according to the current step add.
- LCTRL+LSHIFT+R (or right mouse button on icon):
  Randomize a block according to the current step add.
- .wav are now saved in samples directory.
- Correct size/time is reported after rendering to a mono sample.


- Fixed a possible endless loop in wav renderizer.
- Selecting a track or a pattern with LCTRL+A or LCTRL+SHIFT+A
  selected a row too much.


- Sanitized block commands.
- Added fill block command (LCTRL+F).
- LCTRL + F1/F2: decrease / increase editing step.
- Chords help available via F3 key (triggered when the caret is over a note).
- Pattern auto-scrolls when selecting a block with the mouse.
- Patterns selection isn't removed when clicking on arrows on the right
  of the pattern.
- ADPCM compression is now internal and available in all OSes.
- Removed TrueSpeech compression: it doesn't exist in latest Windows anymore.
- Visual improvement of sliders.
- Fixed a bug with command A which wasn't converted properly in mods import.
- Track effects number wasn't updated in track (1) tab when modifying it
  from the track header.
- Added a surround mode per channel.
- Added TR-808 & TR-909 sample sets in distrib.
- Updated manual.


- Added effect 28: turn track LFO on/off.
- Fixed F00 endless loop when wav rendering.


- Fixed 2 issues with interpolate command: it wouldn't work on all effects
  and the whole commmand column is now properly filled with the first value.
- Input was partially disabled when caps lock was turned on.
- Using right mouse button on "pattern lines" arrows
  will now increase/decrease value by 8.
- F5 to F9 keys now jumps to 0, 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 of the patterns lines.
- Changed the way the number of patterns is calculated when saving a song,
  the tracker now looks for any used (scratch) patterns
  and save them within the .ptk module.
- Fixed an issue in digibooster import function which was due
  to a MSVC compiler quirk.


- 303 units speeds can now be scaled.
- Added effects 26 & 27 (set reverb cutoff & resonance).
- Some notes were missed in multi-notes channels sometimes.
- Fixed a bug occuring with automatic note offs on the synth.
- Ptk can now import DigiBooster v1.x modules (.digi).
- Tracker could hang sometimes when calculating a song length.


- Slightly improved the smoothing of the reverb
  (making it sound a bit less metallic).
- Added an option to tune the 2 303 units together.
- Tracker crashed when using insert command on track 0.


- Tracks are only shadowed during playing.
- Added cutomizable resonance for reverb filter.
- Tracker could crash when loading an instrument over another one
  which was still playing.
- Autosave function was broken.
- Added auto backup function, the tracker will create a backup
  of any existing old module version before overwriting the new one.
- Reverb threshold delays table was lacking some values.


- Improved midi in/out support (notably by adding velocity).
- Default instruments volumes are always turned on now
  as they're used for midi output.
- Added 3 new themes.
- Tracker sometimes crashed at exit when using midi.
- Mouse wheel activated for horizontal patterns slider.
- Fixed a small issue with vu meters values.
- Number of effects columns is now selectable (from 1 to 4).
- Added synth oscillators combiner.
- Each track now have separate volume.
- Added lo/med/hi bands equalizers for each track.
- Delay send had precedence over command 10
  when updating track tab during play.
- Fixed up reverb code (should sound cleaner too)
  and added stereo separation parameter.
- Flanger speeded up.
- Right mouse button in lists arrows is now active
  (jump to previous/next letter group for files lists).
- Added 13 new (converted) modules for testing purposes
  also improved (?) older modules to take advantage of new features.
- A file name can now be passed as argument to the tracker, it will
  be loaded at startup (can load any file recognized by the tracker).
  (this can be used to associate .ptk files to the tracker).
- Default repeat loop row is now 0 (was disabled before).
- Improved .mod/.ft import.
- Glide effect (5) should now work with synth instruments.
- Tracks data weren't displayed properly sometimes.
- Fixed a bug in tracks filters.
- Implemented insert or delete track functions.
- Tracks can now be rendered to .wav in their own separate file.
- Tracks panning changing are now smoothed.
- Live recording strategy improved.
- Implemented a midi automation system to control elements of the track
  from a midi device (like a master keyboard).
- Added effect 25: Set shuffle value.
- Metronome implemented (used during recording).
- Fullscreen mode is now used with current screen resolution.
- Handled latency at recording startup (so visuals should be synched to audio).
- Fixed midi handling for big endian machines.
- Fixed a bug in the reverb that only occured on big endian machines.


- Added duplicate function to samples editor: increase sample
  by selection length and copy it's content into the newly created space.
- Added Insert function to samples editor: increase sample by selection length
  and insert zeroes into the newly created space.
- Looks like the signal reduction hack is no longer necessary on Linux.
- Linux 32 bit executable now available.


- Window can now be resized.
- Zero command added to sample editor
  (used to clear selections without removing them from samples).
- Fixed a small issue with patterns blocks selection.
- Loading some modules or instruments would crash the tracker
  due to unrecognized packing schemes.
- Fixed a bug that could freeze the tracker under AROS (& possibly Amiga OS4).


- Fixed flanger filter (now using individual buffers / track).
- Fixed 06xx command (was always jumping jumping 1 line too far).
- Added loading support for 1, 2 & 3 channels FastTracker I modules.
- Added flight.ptk & warlock.ptk.


- Patterns slider wasn't always resized properly when switching
  from large to small patterns view.
- Some buttons weren't disabled properly in Disk IO tab.
- Added buttons to reduce or expand the number of notes in each track header.
- Max number of notes in a track is now 16.


- Fixed 2 bugs in the replay (which can now be slightly smaller).
- Lengths of individual packed waveforms are now displayed.
- Songs can now be rendered to wav files (like before)
  or directly used to create instruments waveforms.
- Added primitive.ptk by Mice of Brainstorm.
- Fixed a bug in the sample editor which prevented it to work properly
  with waveforms of more than 2 megabytes.
- In continuous scroll mode, the patterns scrollbar (& the arrows)
  now reflect the global length and can be used to browse through entire song
  (and not just the current pattern like before).
- Implemented an internal compression scheme (based on wavpack) so
  samples packing is available on every platforms.
  The compression is rather good but the depacker is bigger than when using
  codecs (a few kb kkrunched).
- Properties.h files weren't always saved at the right place.


- Moog Lo & Moog band filters buffers weren't resetted properly
  resulting in some "scratchy" sound sometimes.
- Added tracks compressors (can eat some CPU time).
- Tracks polyphony was kinda broken.
- Fixed a small issue with the flanger.


- Big tracker & replay speed up.
- Volume of instruments were left at 0 when loading waveforms.
- Added the possibility to only delete the current instrument split.
- Fixed an issue within .ptp saving function.


- Tempo can now go down to 20 BPM.
- 303 units entirely modified, now they should behave
  and sound a bit more like the one found in Propellerhead's Rebirth.
- Files & dirs entries are now sorted alphabetically.
- Input zones are now displayed with altered colors.
- 6 default color themes are now available.
- Range selection in sample editor speeded up.
- .mod import function is now much more accurate
  (note: it can also import FastTracker 1 .ft modules).
- Fixed a bug in samples looping (1 byte was always missing from the loop).
- Improved shadow patterns rendering.
- Patterns shading is also displayed for track which are turned off
  in the sequencer (shading can be turned on/off globally).
- Improved sample editor:
  - Speeded up (especially while selecting) and overall cleaner processing.
  - Middle mouse button can now be used to zoom in/out.
  - Added cut/copy/paste with 4 copy buffers.
  - Crop function (remove everything from a waveform but the selection).
  - Zap (delete a selected part of a waveform without copying it).
  - Select view / Select all.
  - Reverse (invert the selected part of a waveform).
  - Selection shifting.
- Added position jump effect (1F) (Can be combined with pattern break (0D)).
- Added fine volume slide up and down effects (20 & 21).
- Added fine pitch up and down effects (22 & 23).
- Speed can now go up to 32 ticks/beat.
- BPM weren't refreshed properly on screen when being changed inside patterns.
- Multi-notes channels weren't re-initialized properly when loading new modules
  which could lead to a crash.
- Instruments used without notes won't retrig the note but only change
  the waveform (like in the original protracker).
- Filelists won't be redrawn after a loading process
  and they won't jump back to the top after a saving one either.
- Fixed a bug in Pattern loop command (6).
- Splitted the play button into 2, 1st one to play song,
  2nd one to play pattern, right mouse button on those to play song
  or pattern from current row (using left mouse button starts from top row).
    RCTRL: Play song from start of pattern.
    LSHIFT + RCTRL: Play song from current position.
    RALT: Play pattern from start of pattern.
    LSHIFT + RALT: Play pattern from current position.
- Added transposing capability to the instruments remapping function.
- Default patterns zoom is now selectable.
- Effect 10 (Delay send) was inneffective when Track tab was selected.
- Overall better accuracy in replaying and volume ramping.
- Global volume of instruments weren't saved in .pti files.
- Using non existant instruments in patterns should now be handled properly.
- Converted some tunes from FastTracker 1 for test purposes.
- Instruments amplifications are now modulating synths only when necessary
  (meaning: only when the instruments are going through the synths).
- Volumes columns and effect 3 are now calculated differently
  and are cummulative:

    c-3  0 .. .. ........
  will play instrument 0 at it's former volume.

    c-3  0 20 .. ........
  will play instrument 0 at roughly 50% of it's volume.

    c-3  0 .. .. 0380....
  will play instrument 0 at roughly 25% of it's volume.

    c-3  0 20 .. 0380....
  will play instrument 0 at roughly 25% of it's volume.
- Fixed a bug in note retrig effect if no note was specified
  (now it takes the last played note as it should).
- Rewrote the latency handling routines in a more robust & precise way.
- Fixed the right mouse button caret horizontal scrolling.
- Added effect 24: turn flanger on/off.
- Salvaged 3 NoiseTrekker beta version modules, they really
  don't sound like in the original one as i had to rework them, though.
- Real numbers of used patterns are now counted when saving a .ptk.
- Fixed a small issue with keyboard handling in message boxes.
- Added Moog Lo & Moog band filters for synth instruments.
- Fixed a bug in .ptp saving & replay: some instruments infos were scrambled.


- Test release for Linux 64 bit.
- Linear interpolation can now be selected (beside none or cubic) it's faster
  than cubic and still gives better results than none.
- Fixed a clipping bug in samples loading (for both .wav and .aif/aifc).


- Added support for Audio IFF files loading.
- Auto zooming of multi-notes tracks fixed
  (tracks are now properly being reduced to fit entirely on the screen).
- Added support for German keyboard layout.
- Fixed a signal overflow which occurred with 2nd 303 unit when 1st wasn't active.


- Slicer effect (4) now uses the current volume
  (from instrument's, column's or volume fx (3)).
- Better general handling of the volume column.
- Changed the behaviour of auto fading effects (17 & 18): playing a new note
  on a track which is currently auto fading won't stop the fading process
  which now have to be switched off by using either 1700 or 1800.
- Auto fading was kinda broken with multi notes tracks.


- Long time running bug making text to disappear when using the 303 units
  should be (hopefully) gone now.
- Each track now have 2 columns of effects.


- Added maximum latency checking on OSX.
- Updated SDL library to latest for OSX and Windows.
- LCTRL+L/LCTRL+H: transpose a selected block to 1 octave lower/higher.
- LCTRL+LSHIFT+L/H: Transpose the note of a selected block
                    to 1 octave lower/higher but only for the currently
                    selected instrument.
- Added buttons for block commands.
- Commands with right mouse button functions are now shown
  with slightly different colors.
- Improved 303 editing by keeping current steps for each patterns/banks/units.


- A value can now be specified with Reset Filter LFO FX (16).
- Randomize block command range is now 00 to ff on effects data columns.
- Fixed a bug occuring while using volumn columns and/or Set volume FX (03)
  with synth instruments.
- Editing was kinda broken when Step add was 0.
- Enabled latency control on Mac OSX.
- Re-enabled use of SDL threads for AROS.


- Fixed a small issue with END key not jumping to proper pattern's end
  in some cases.
- Using F00 effect now stops a song.
- Fixed a crash in the replay of .ptp modules.


- Modified the way envs to volumes work with null values.


- Fixed a nasty bug in packing & depacking functions.
- Integrated the Amiga OS4 and AROS modifications into the repository.


- Added a samples directory.
- Moved all sliders to the right side.
- Added list of available drives on Windows.
- Directories or filenames that are too long are cut on display.


- Fixed another bug which would make the tracker to crash when loading a .wav
  files while another one was still playing in the same slot.
- Improved the range of the insert/backspace keys so they can operate
  on selected blocks as well as tracks or patterns lines.
- Added a function to play a .wav file without loading it by clicking
  on it's filename with the right mouse button.


- Improved the .mod import.
- Fixed a bug that could confuse the interface when using speed or tempo
  commands intensively.
- Modified the pattern loop command (6) so it behave more like in the original
- Added the possibility to select accidental (sharps or bemols)
  for patterns view.


- Fixed a nasty bug with polyphony handling.


- Fixed a bug in multi-notes handling (some notes could disappear sometimes).
- Inverted LCTRL+home/end and home/end commands.
- Fixed a bug that made the tracker to crash when an instrument was being
  loaded while a song being played (& playing that particular instrument).
- Fixed the random commands of the 303 units.
- 303 notes up & down commands were inverted.


- Removed the .ptp loading function from the tracker, it's useless now as
  packed samples can be tested inside the tracker and it allowed me to slightly
  reduce the size of the replay routine.
- Instrument weren't played when the option i added in the previous version
  wasn't turned on (shame).
- Application directory was one level too low on Mac OS X.


- Added a screen update scheduler so only modified parts of the screen
  are now refreshed, this should speed up things quite a bit
  as it looks like some implementations of SDL are borked.
- Added an option to play instrument while editing.


- Forward looping wasn't working correctly for instruments.
- New effect: Select playing way (1E)
              1E00: Play forward.
              1E01: Play backward.
- Added a requester before deleting an instrument to let the user select
  what part of the instrument to discard (All, Instrument or Synth).
- Fixed the tracks disto.


- Better tracks panning calculation.
- Added 3 other alternate copy blocks for patterns (Shortcuts: LCTRL+1 to 4).
- Added an option to paste blocks across patterns boundaries
  (if the blocks is too big it'll be pasted over the next pattern
   but only if it's a different one to avoid wrapping around).
- Created a new directory (patterns) and added an option to save current pattern
  selections into it (.ppb files) (Shortcut: LCTRL+W)
  (303 patterns are also saved into that directory).
- Files are now saved into their respective directories.
- Added some visual indicators to show if copy buffers are empty or not.


- Fixed a bug in the synth: ENV1 and ENV2 now really modulate the volume
  of OSC1 or OSC2.

  **Due to this older modules don't sound exactly the same**

- There was an issue when using combined stereo instrument + synth.
- Added keys shortcut for requesters
  (Usually the first letter of the button's text)


- Fixed the vu meters levels.
- Reverb internal variables are now customizable
  (older presets are now provided as files).
- Added requesters before exiting or overwriting files.
- Added 8 bit (interpolated) comrpession scheme.
- Reverb wasn't initialized correctly at startup.
- Fixed a bug in .wav rendering.
- Added a better zap command.


- Even more constants (Especially for modules not using instruments).
- Constants weren't generated correctly when using command 15.
- Implemented vibrato effect (1Dxy) x = speed y = depth
  (can't be used if arpeggio (1B) is turned on).


- Modified the behaviour of the ring mod stereo filter.
- Added a few more constants for the replay.
- Song name wasn't displayed in the plugin infos.
- Fixed a bug in the flanger (early cut).
- Right mouse button on the "Lock / All" button to locked/unlock
  all instruments at once.


- More granularity in constants generation (potentially smaller replay).
- Mp3 samples packing bitrate is now selectable between:
  64, 88, 96, 128, 160 & 192 kbps.
- LSHIFT+I: Show instruments list / LSHIFT+S: Show synths list.
- Forgot to include LameACM.inf in the windows distribution
  (without that file the codec couldn't be installed
   and samples using mp3 packing scheme weren't packed at all, shame).
- Added At3 samples packing scheme (Windows users need to install
  the atrac3 codec located in the install directory in order to pack samples).
  Rates are: 66, 105 & 132 kbps (depacker not yet implemented on PSP, tho).
- Added the ability to select a range of positions for songs rendering to .wav.
- The nasty click occuring when loading a module while another one
  was still playing should be gone.
- Added mouse wheel navigation support in samples editor.
- Cubic interpolation can now be disabled
  (should increase speed a bit but at the expense of lower quality).
- Added ADPCM packing scheme.
- Added an option to pack & lock instruments and use them directly
  in the tracker. (unpacked versions of the instruments are kept safe
  and are saved in .ptk files as usual).
  These instruments can't be modified in the samples editor.
  This should come in handy to finetune a module prior to a .ptp export.
- Fixed a bug with TrueSpeech packed samples.


- Introduced small tracks
  (right click on the 3rd icon of a track or globally via the sequencer).
- Added 3 commands in the sequencer to zoom all tracks at once.
- Filesizes are now displayed beside names.
- Added an instruments remapper in the sequencer tab.


- Added some colors for the notes
  (also changed the font so patterns should be a bit easier to read now).
- Added volume ramping for the 303 units.
- The 2nd 303 unit wasn't triggered correctly.


- Fixed a nasty memory leak in the PSP replay
  (also only necessary data are now allocated).
- Space char wasn't available during names input.
- Added effects 41 and 42 to control the volumes of the 2 303 units.
- Added effect 1C: set global volume.
- Start & stop song cleaned up (clicks should be gone or at least reduced).
- Fixed a small issue regarding latency in the Mac OS X version.


- Resampler improved, should produce much less aliasing.
- Fixed a small issue involving the cache memory in the PSP replay.


- Added an option to show or hide the bottom panel in order to display
  more patterns rows (Shortcut: LSHIFT+ESCAPE to toggle the view)
- Left shift wasn't active while editing data columns
  of patterns to enter digits.


- Added global lists for instruments and synths,
  that should improve the ergonomy a bit.
- Samples weren't re-initiliazed correctly after a "New Module" command
  was issued.
- Fixed a bug in the 2nd oscillator of the synth core
  when using custom waveforms.


- Fixed the rand commands in the synth tab.


- Midi controller modification command (90) wasn't accessible anymore
  in panning row, fixed.
- Fixed an issue that could occur with rand() function under linux.
- Introduced zoomed tracks; Each track can be zoomed independantly
  and will be displayed with a bigger font.
- Track volume wasn't correctly re-initialized when only instrument column
  was filled without any note.


- Midi notes off command was broken.
- Effect 0Axx (Set Random Cutoff) slightly modified, the xx value is now
  the amplitude of the calculated random value from 0 to ff.


- Implemented midi in/out for Linux and Mac OS X.


- Fixed a bug in the recording mode.
- Recording now starts at the current pattern line instead of restarting
  from it's beginning.


- An extra note was pasted after names input when editing mode was turned on.


- Added a scrollbar beside patterns.
- The tracker can now load all these .wav file formats (mono or stereo) :
  - 8-bit integer.
  - 12-bit integer.
  - 16-bit integer.
  - 24-bit integer.
  - 32-bit integer.
  - 32-bit float.
  - 64-bit float.
- Added an option to render a module as 32 bit (float) .wav file.
- Inverted the right and left mouse buttons functions in patterns.
- Fixed an issue with the loop editor.
- Patterns now automatically scroll when using the right mouse button
  (also work when selecting a block).
- Added multi notes channels, they can be used to trigger several notes / track
  at the same time in order to make chords or to play several instruments
  in the same track and route them to the same row effect / dsp effect
  (thus allowing to considerably reduce the dsp usage and also introduce some
   modularity which could be useful, especially for the PSP replay).
  Note that these channels are shared with the polyphony ones.
- Improved volume ramping.
- Keys repeat was disabled when editing note columns.
- Added LCTRL+TAB and LCTRL+LSHIFT+TAB to cycle through the notes of a track.
  to select one or all notes/instruments columns of a track.
- Modified the record function (for a better one, i hope).
- Some edition commands weren't working on last track.
- Midi channels polyphony implemented.
- Improved Mac OS X keyboard handling a bit.
- Compressor wasn't set right when loading .ptp files.


- Fixed a bug with the 303 data loading in the replay routine.
- Fx 0A (Set random cutoff) was disabled due to a typo in the fx constants.
- Added the first version of a replay routine for the PSP,
  It uses the 2nd processor so the main CPU time occupation is really minimal.
  Keep in mind that this is an experiment and that this console isn't a PC
  so you'd better go very easy on the dsp effects and channels polyphony,
  especially the flanger is a really heavy toll because the media engine
  doesn't have any integrated hardware sin/cos or pow instructions.

  Samples depacking with the PSP codecs isn't implemented yet
  (so samples packing should be set to "none" in that case).


- Fixed a bug with channels that could be heard faintly even when being muted
  (was also present in wav rendering).
- Channels polyphony (up to 16) implemented.
  Value for a module can be changed in FX Setup tab.
- Switching to FX Setup tab produced a small sound glitch
  due to a re-generation of the reverb buffers.
- Added C-masters.ptk by Rhino.
- Keyboard polyphony improved (notes don't "spread" on other tracks).
- Removed some clicks due to channels filters.
- Fixed a bug in .ptk depacking process which could lead to a crash.


- Removed the Audio unit code from the Mac OS X port and went to device level,
  the result should be is faster.
- Fixed a couple of bugs in the Mac OS X port.


- Compressor wasn't triggered in the stand alone replay.


- First PARTIAL and EXPERIMENTAL test port for Mac OSX (ppc & x86)
  (no midi and no samples compression).
- Fixed a bug in the replay which would sometimes lead to a crash
  if an instrument number was used without a note.
- Renamed .psy file to .psm.
- The tracker is now using a custom mouse pointer.
- Forgot to mention it but the manual is now only available at this url:


- Added dream weaver.ptk from Rhino.
- Fixed a bug which occured when loading presets files,
  portamento glide was turned to 50% if it was off.
- Divided the output level of the stock waveforms by 2.
- Synchro markers are always visible now
  (on the right of the columns rows numbers).


- Source code cleaned up, also the tracker is now using the same code as
  the stand alone replay.
- Added devenirunpoulet.ptk by tomchi.
- Improved the source code distribution and the portability of the code.
- Instruments midi programs are always available.
- First PARTIAL and EXPERIMENTAL test port for Linux x86
  (no midi and no samples compression).
- Manual revised.
- Added support for keyboard localization (relevant for Linux only)
  (fr & en keyboards definitions are provided in skins directory,
   see manual.txt to know about the procedure to add new definitions).
- Winamp/XmPlay plugin source code included within the source code package.


- Fixed a bug in the reverb initialization.
- Tracker and replay crashed when trying to free packed stereo samples.


- Song length calculation function didn't handle pattern break commands
  very well.


- .ptk modules are now much smaller.
- Some visuals bugs involving SDL that occured on some gfx cards
  *may* have been solved.


- Added Arpeggio effect (1B):
  It's behaviour is a bit different than from other trackers, example:
  C-7 00 .. .. 1B37 <- Turn it on
  --- .. .. .. 0000
  --- .. .. .. 0000
  --- .. .. .. 0000
  --- .. .. .. 1B38 <- Change datas
  --- .. .. .. 0000
  --- .. .. .. 0000
  --- .. .. .. 0000
  --- .. .. .. 1B00 <- Turn it off
  (Note that effects 01, 02 & 05 are ineffective when 1B is turned on).


- A small forgotten byte made the replay to crash with newer modules.
- Added workspace and projects for VC++ .net.
- Fixed a bug occuring when using the replay routine with MINGW.
- Fixed a bug with synchro markers being shown with some effects other than 07.


- Peak indicators on vumeter.
- Master compressor/limiter.
- Source distribution package now contains SDL_draw.lib, it's source code
  as well as tinyxml.lib & zlib.lib.
- Added Ordinary-zero.ptk module by Nula/Clrsrc.
- New fx: 07 (FX Synchro):
  a .psy file containing synchro informations is now created
  whenever a .ptp module is saved (if the effect 7 isn't used in a module
  such file won't be created at all).
  Check manual.txt for .psy files structure.


- Fixed another issue with multiple note offs / track.


- Fixed an issue with channels off midi messages overload.


- Samples were trashed during replay when a segment of a waveform
  was selected in the samples editor.
- Added a scrollbar to the samples editor.
- All effects should now work on stock waveforms too
  (like pitch bend, volume etc).
- ADSRs values extended.
- Better multi channels allocations.
- Fixed a bug in note retrigger effect (0E).
- Fixed all the presets and instruments.
- The tracker now uses 3 separates directories
  for the Modules/Instruments & Presets.
- Fixed a small issue with the numeric keypad slash key.
- Now send a note off when a channel has been turned off.
- Fixed the glider effect (05).
- MingW replay is now included in distribution.
- Source code released.


- Blocks commands can now work without a block being actually selected
  (the complete datas of the current track will be processed in that case).
- Right mouse button in sampler now selects complete sample
  if nothing is already selected (and unselect all if something is).
- LSHIFT + M: Toggle mute state of the current channel.
- LCTRL + LSHIFT + M: Solo the current track / Unmute all.
- LSHIFT + F1 - F10: Select the different tabs.
- Fixed several bugs occuring when position in patterns
  was greater than patterns rows.


- Synth has now been debugged and is (almost) complete,
  due to this the tracker sounds different again (for the best, i hope).
- Phase distortion is now a pulse phase.
- I didn't mention it before but LCTRL + S shortcut
  can be used to save modules.
- The C of the synth waveforms was a F & everything was shifted of 5 semitones
  and that bug was present since ntk1/2/3 !
  (Thanks to kaneel for notifying me about that one)
- LCTRL + LSHIFT + D/U: Transpose the note of a selected block
                        to 1 seminote lower/higher but only for the currently
                        selected instrument.
- Fixed a bug in the replay routine which would lead to a crash sometimes.
- Added cut/copy/paste capabilities to the sequencer.
- Added support for pink noise.
- Step add 0 now possible (lateral step will be used).
- Removed the panning change command (it was phony anyway).


- Added commands to insert or delete positions in the sequencer
  (right mouse button to insert/delete 10 positions).
- Fixed some bugs in the sequencer.
- Removed some clicks.
- Moved the save instrument command to the instrument tab.


- Synths can now use any arbitrary instrument,
  to allow the samples to be used as a bank with different configurations.
- Various improvements in the interface.
- Escape key will now stop song.
- Fixed a bug in instruments and synths loading & saving process.
- Logo changed.


- Shortened the replay routine by several kilo bytes.


- Backspace key now acts like in MilkyTracker.
- Currently selected track is now favored when receiving midi messages.
- Pingpong loops for samples implemented.
- Improved waveforms/synth interface.


- The 303s should be slightly faster.
- Added ADSRs for LFOs.
- LFOs carriers are now reseted at each note so the tracker
  sounds slightly different again.
- Midi-In capture is now always active.


- User can now select the tracks to render as .wav files.
- Fixed the 303 live recording parameters.
- 303 knobs can be centered by clicking right mouse button over them.
- Mouse wheel can now be used over 303s knobs and volume.


- More constants to customize and reduce the size of the replay routine.
- Flanger extra signal is now lopass filtered to avoid crackling
  (thanks to Manwe/SandS for pointing this one out).


- Fixed a bug in the zoom out command of the sample editor.
- Replay routine should be compatible with mingw (thanks to pontscho).
- Reverb filter slider won't trash the reverb anymore.
- F1/F2: Select lower/higher octave.
- User can now select between channels scopes and left/right ones.


- Improved samples compression ratio.


- Fixed a bug that prevented some blocks commands to work properly.
- Palette isn't trashed anymore when using alt+tab and co.
- .ptp are now generated together with a Ptk_Properties.h file
  to be used when recompiling the replay routine.
- Replay routine source code is now included.


- Added channels scopes.
- Fixed a bug in the sampler with reversed selections and loops.
- More accurate handling of .wav files.
- Ptk can now load 32 bits samples (they're converted into 16 bits).
- Now save samples loop informations.
- Sample marking in the samples ed. can now be cancelled
  by pressing the right mouse button.
- Only the selected part of a sample will be played in the sample ed.
  (if there's a selection).
- Minimal .mod files imports (up to 16 channels) don't expect miracles.

v1.4d (First public release):

- Ptk_SetPosition() available in the replay routine.
- Fixed a small issue with window focus at startup.
- BPM and ticks/beat are now displayed in decimal.
- Implemented MP3 packing scheme for samples.
- Fixed a bug with compressed modules.


- Added a song length calculation command.
- Removed the "Font Hi" from the palette, it's now automatically calculated.
- Revised the manual a bit again (added some infos about the sequencer).


- Fixed a bug in packed modules save command.
- 303 knobs are now refresh correctly during playback
  (except when 303 recording mode is turned on).
- Added 3Bxx & 3Cxx commands to control 303s accent levels
  (3Dxx & 3Exx are now dedicated to tunes control).
- Moved the synth on/off command to the Synth tab.
- Updated the minimal manual a bit.


- To avoid confusion the "Save module" and "Save packed" commands are disabled
  when a .ptk file is loaded.
- Added some arrows buttons to scroll through the sequences.
- Fixed a small bug in the sample editor.


- Improved modules compression.
- Some cosmetic changes.


- Fixed a nasty bug that occured in some tracks filters.
- Added the ability to disable the lossy compression for any given instruments
  in packed modules.


- Interface beveling can now be turned on/off.
- Fixed a bug with command D (pattern break) and patterns
  with more than 64 rows.
- Added a continuous pattern scroll option.


- Included the replay routine and a small example.


- Revamped the interface (especially the synth one).
- Caret was out of patterns lines range sometimes.
- Added an option to show previous and next used patterns.
- Fixed a bug that occured during windows/fullscreen switching.
- More bugs removed here and there.


- Improved keyboard multi-notes handling.
- Fixed the Midi out notes release phase.


- Pressing right mouse button on tracks list in sequencer
  alternatively solo the selected track or unmute them all
  (just like clicking on top of patterns).
- Added the possibility to select the packing scheme for instruments between gsm
  and truespeech (only relevant for packed modules).
  Note: use truespeech with care as this 1 bit compression scheme
        really harms samples (this is mostly used to pack human voices).
- Converted the interface into paletted mode
  and added the ability to modify the colors.
- The interface should take less cpu time now.
- Palette is now customizable.
- Fixed various glitches with buttons here and there.
- Introduced xml scripting for the interface layout
  (not fully operational yet).


- Added a wave distortion parameter.
- Fixed some bugs in the synth regarding stereo samples
  and various other issues as well,
  due to this it sounds slightly different again.
- Portamento glide now available for waveforms too.


- All 128 patterns and 255 positions weren't fully available
  (sequencer re-arranged accordingly).


- New record mode
  (available via shift+space or right mousebutton on "Edit/Rec.").
  It works with pc keyboard or external midi devices
  (For the midi the record mode uses midi time stamps
   and the edit mode uses an internal counter).
- Right mouse button available for prev/next position buttons and beats/min.
- The tracker is now capable or recording midi events
  in both edit and record modes.
- Added some instruments and presets.
- "Show info" was reporting a bogus sample bank size.
- 303 patterns names weren't loaded correctly.
- The tracker now have it's own configuration file (ntk.cfg).
- Number of positions will grow automatically when recording if necessary
  (and new patterns will be created also automatically).
- Patterns rows can now be displayed in decimal.
- Renamed to Protrekkr (we'll see how long i like that one).
- Synth instruments inside modules weren't loaded properly sometimes.
- Instruments are now correctly deleted.
- Fixed a bug regarding very small samples in packed modules.
- Removed some clicks.
- ADSRs volumes are now calculated a bit differently
  (and setting Lfox->Oscx Volume to 0 will now disable the volume oscillation).
- Added a visual command to switch fullscreen mode on/off.
- Added a centering button command ("C") for synth parameters.


- Insert and backspace keys now work from all columns.
- Added 06xx command: pattern loop (works like in protracker).
- Shift+Insert/Backspace: Insert or Delete an empty line in current pattern.


- Added the ability to load & save 303 patterns.
- Renamed to NoiseTrekker 64 (i'm still indecisive about the name :]).
- Fixed a bug in the 303 patterns handling.


- ADSR for looping samples are calculated a bit differently
  (proportional to the length of the loop but independant of the note)
  that should help creating short custom synthetic like samples.


- Fixed a bug in ADSR release for waveforms.


- Fixed a small bug with channels on/off status in the replay.
- Fixed a bug when using the mouse wheel on the sequencer.


- Fixed blocks randomize command.
- Single columns can now be selected instead of whole tracks.
- LCTRL+D/LCTRL+U: transpose a selected block to 1 semitone lower/higher.
- LCTRL+A: Select entire current track.
- LCTRL+LSHIFT+A: Select entire current pattern.
- Home: jump to start of row.
- LCTRL+Home: jump to top left of pattern.
- End: jump to end of row.
- LCTRL+End: jump to bottom right of pattern.
- Right Alt: play current pattern.
- Pattern highlighting can now be turned off.
- Added a startup logo.
- Shift+Arrows/Page up/down: select block.

Beta b:

- Fixed a bug with the lengths of the waveforms ADSR handling.
- Setting a loop of length 0 in the sample ed. will just disable
  the looping mode for that instrument
  (and avoid the tracker to crash when trying to replay it).

Beta a:

- Mousewheel can be operated during patterns blocks selections.
- Tracks properties are now refreshed during playback.
- Instruments finetune slider doesn't wrap around anymore.
- Renamed from SoundTrekker to SynthTrekker.
- Added the ability to use waveforms instruments in the synth.
- Fixed a small bug in keyboard handling.
- Better handling of the instruments played with the keyboard (no repeat).

Release z:

- Added patterns highlight lines customization.
- C & V keys notes were inverted.
- Removed lfo periods multipliers.

Release y:

- User can now use the mouse wheel to scroll when the pointer
  is over patterns sequence.
- Fixed a 303s outrageous signal clipping issue.

Release x:

- Fixed a bug with sliders handling.
- Increased the size of 303's buttons clickable arrays.

Release w:

- Improved patterns blocks selection (reversed selections are now handled).
- Added mouse support for blocks selection (using right mouse button).
- Fixed a bug with LCTRL+letters key strokes.
- LCTRL+R & LCTRL+I now work on all selected tracks.

Release v:

- Added cut/paste options and notes up/down in 303s interface.
- Fixed some bugs in sequences handling interface.
- Added mouse wheel steps multiplier option.

Release u:

- Added a horizontal scrollbar for patterns.
- Easier button to switch the 303s waveforms.
- Added shift + left/right arrows for next/prev. position.
- Keyboard handling should be fixed.
- User can now select sound latency.

Release p:

- Can now set caret position in patterns with the mouse.
- Can use Mouse wheel to scroll files list and patterns.
- More flexible delay ticks synchro.
- Fixed a bug in synth parameters handling.

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Great going 6Track...Looks like that was just YESTERDAY!!...I was over there a couple days ago...

Hopefully the bug I contacted him about is gone...We'll see....

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Here's a Module I made that might be useful to study...

It's about using the Auto-Sync Loop Function...

I thought about makin' a video but not enough interest on here to warrant it...

So I just leave you with an INFO-Graphic and the Module...

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Here is my Enigmatic303s (WIP) so far...Figured I'd just record video as it would be relatively small...

Big difference of quality of play in different players, rather shocking....

Also this recorded using Camtasia 1.1.1 like 20 years old now...

Got Intro & First 4 Patterns Sorted...Moving on.....

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Well, I moved on then screwed things up, had to back-up...

Good practice to save in iterative steps...

This is a little farther-

OK...Did more...I think this is where I will have the chorus after but there will probably be a bridge into it using both 303s riffing into a chorus...Probably triplet time-feel...

Once again second time I switched this out...Corrected some chords that were incorrect...

« Last Edit: June 30, 2022, 12:28:29 PM by Project5er »

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Here is a good tip for taming some of the strong filters in Protrekkr...I could get it 'CLOSE' but no cigar...Found the CLAMP slider of the DISTORTION sector to be a big help-

I must be getting OLD...I meant to the RIGHT!!!

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This Tip is real handy for saving pattern bits-pieces for re-use or just plain back-up of ideas or alternate ideas which can be utilized the next time you open Protrekkr or way in the future...

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Might as well warn any XP Users about 2 bugs...I don't think they are there in Win10 but I don't use my Win10 machines much at all such a terrible spyware OS....

Just GANDER at the images...

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Well, Continuing on in methodology left off at Enigmatic303v21.MP3 4 posts above I figger at adding a wild RiFF cluster using BOTH 303s & the internal Csynth...

The Intro is actually Ebminor7th to Dbminor7th which seems a good transition to the repeating verse which is CMaj11 to EbMaj11 with more emphasis on the 7th & 9th going on....

So I plan on using Dbminor7th as a 'bridge' into the chorus which will probably be Dminor7th-Fminor9th-Ebminor7th and back down...

So will be trying using both 303s complementing & competing with each other with Csynth doing other shit...

May work, may not..."The best laid plans blabla...."....

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A few Tips on the 303;s in Protrekkr....

Firstly there is a 3 octave range & if You try to go past those 3 octaves up or down it will simply 'clip' to the highest 'C' or Lowest 'C'...

Also here is a legend image from ReBirth's manual...Programming very similar-

Probably what you'll wanna do is use the 3100 (for bank one) or 3200 (for bank two) then push pattern play which will just keep repeating the pattern you are working on...Since you are only working up to 16 steps it works pretty well...

For Protrekkr itself I use what I call tactical composing....I don't fill in a whole shittin' pattern because then it would all sound too repetitive and mechanical and boring...

I put in 2-4 notes of an instrument, this could also be chords on multi-note lanes...Then I play & repeat several times whilst composing 'In The Head' to see where to go NEXT...

Mostly moving on in the solo type tracks but by using this method you can sometimes implement former ideas to fit in again...Like to mimic a certain style of play...

For instance if you have listened to Enigmatic303v21.mp3 you will notice in 3 spots there is a quick 'double-tap' of the exact same chord in the DX7-EP Rhodes solo...

I did not plan on doing that but by using such method I was able to re-use that idea for a 'fit' as originally I only had ONE 'double-tap'...Using tactical composing is slower but the outcome is usually much better than racing through like a jackrabbit then going back & applying 'filter sweeps' over the whole thing....

BTW...You PROBABLY think I am jamming out on some MIDI Controller...NOPE!...Yeah, I have 2 of them but I am doing that tune using just...JUST QWERTY...You see, it doesn't matter to me I am a CRAPPY realtime keyboard player...

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Another tip on Instrument usage...

Using same Enigmatic303v21.mp3 as example showing very end of DX7-EPRhodes solo...

The previous 'guitar-like' solo was in a limited range so a single WAV instrument was just fine...However with the Rhodes solo I had just a single 'MEDIUM' octave Instrument & it quickly became apparent that a 'LOW' & 'HI' were gonna be needed...

Yes, you can make multi-keysplit instruments in Protrekkr but for a rhodes it would be 5 or 6 octaves making it a pretty big instrument PLUS I may not use some of the octaves...

Using separates allows to use only what you need & in WHAT WAY you wanna use it...Like using a HIGH instrument on very LOW notes, ETC...

I do use some multi-drums & percs but they are small file sizes plus you can fill up all the keys with different shit...All the pitched instruments I make singular & that's why I share multiple octaves in most of my shared instruments on here...

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Well, I didn't really like the way the 'double-tap' chord started out in the rhodes solo so I changed it but it does not fit after wasting time listening again & again...

So I will be going back to version 21...Like MOM used to say "Leave Well Enough Alone!"....

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Looking at page ONE it looks like I haven't uploaded any new PTI Instruments for awhile...

Looks like they are being downloaded, which is GOOD, otherwise no sense uploading any...

So as long as those 'Instrument Hounds' make it to page TWO we are still in business...

These are 41 PTI from sampling EMU Emulator X...Which sounds GREAT by the way...But EMU libraries ONLY sound good in Emulator X or that Proteus player...So you get the same great sound here...

BTW - The included EMUlalaSynC3.pti & C2 version I used in the Intro of Enigmatic303v21 (and 22), with some reverb & such of course...

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In Protrekkr your WAVs are not locked in but also easily exported for COSMIC reasons BEYOND THUNDERDOME!...

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Well, One certainly can get distracted playing with the 303s...

Seems like I have to make a single-pattern tune when making 303 patterns...

Big waste of time...

Here is a tune using Dual303s in 12step mode but in scale2 in a 24 step pattern with 3 drum PTI & Csynth...

You get the PTK & the two 303 files which are same just different octaves designed to have one on bank ONE & other on bank TWO...

In my case the first 303 is using SAW & second is using SQUARE....3/4 time...Shortest tune ever...

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Made up some presets for the Internal Synth...Will probably be making many more as I find alot of the ones there rather useless...

These are 21 presets I just finished mostly paddish...

Here's how I have MY track set for auditioning these kinds of sounds-

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OK then...Well, Found that once you assign one of the two 303 banks to a certain scale then it STAYS THAT WAY for the entire tune...If you attempt to change it then all your previous patterns change as well...HELL!!

So I had to finish the bridge using only ONE 303 & a couple other PTI...

This tune has too much going on to be Acid Jazz now...So looks more like Jazz-Rock genre...

Anyways I did another render...But I only have the DX7-Rhodes chords & Kick Drum sorted out in the first pattern of the chorus which is the END of the render BUTT you get to hear how it's gonna morph out from the bridge...

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OK...Finished the 'base' chorus including 4 patterns of it in this current render...

Don't know if you can really call it a chorus...I'll just hang out in it only one time, then bridge back into main theme-verse, solo some shit into a fade-out...BORING!

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Once again moving on at snails pace...

Cleaned up chorus intro by 'tapering in', reducing 303 bank 1 volume & gradually raising it as patterns proceed...

Added some various percussion to chorus & open HiHat as well...

Also came up with a name...'The World is CZARS'...Which is a play on words as it sounds like 'The World is Ours' which it really isn't as the whole world is run by assholes in power, there isn't a 'free' society anywhere...So...


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Well, Life & Crap sure holds a person back...

But to keep this thread fresh here are 20 PTI Instruments sampled from Synapse Audio Dune which I happen to like better than Diva...

These are kinda larger paddish instruments...