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Sek'd Samplitude 2496 5.55 Win32 - High-End Oldie>>>


This is 23 years old but the release didn't appear till Jan 2000. This is the German company that would later be Magix...Which I suppose is way better then 'Sek'd' which kinda rhymes with 'Sucked'.
Well it didn't suck but took awhile to learn how they do things with the object oriented workflow. This can record MIDI and uses DirectX Plugs but it don't got no piano roll. It's got another different type of MIDI editor.
It plays well with VST plugs wrapped in either the Cakewalk Adapter or DirectiXer. Here is the GUI with White Noise Zero Vector loaded in via Cakewalk DirectX Adapter-

MIDI use not really recommended though as like all this older Sek'd-Magix it was STRONG with audio & WEAK with MIDI...

Nowadays I think it would best be used as a singular or multi-track audio editor that once was $799.00......!!! That is if you can run it or even install...XP is just fine...Hell, down to windows 98 should be fine...

Some 'INFO' & THEIR Shotz-


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