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Native Instruments Absynth 1.3.4 VSTi DXi Win32>>>
« on: April 16, 2022, 02:58:12 PM »
Just got through testing a buttload of banks so have included 74 banks which equates to 4 or 5 thousand presets.

Standalone Absynth Engine tests just fine-

Been making samples for more PROTREKKR PTI Instruments (2,622 just aren't enough)...

I admit some sounds TOO GOOD to pass up as this like an old Diva or Dune synth in comparison...

Inside Orion as VST-

All just fine...HOWEVER!!!! >>>>>

When absynth is called as a plugin it has to run the absynth engine. So say if you are running Orion or whatever with ASIO4ALL then you need to have the absynth engine running in ASIO4ALL as well...

BUTT!!!! >>>

You cannot run both Orion (or other) AND AbsynthEngine on the same outputs so you must open up the settings in the AbsynthEngine and choose some different outputs. If you have 8 outputs then put AbsynthEngine on 7 & 8...Leaving all the former outputs for the DAW.

BUTT!!!! >>>

You cannot access audio settings in AbsynthEngine whilst it is running as a plugin. You gotta exit out the DAW and open up AbsynthEngine Standalone...Then make the changes, then quit, then open DAW & proceed.

BUTT!!!! >>>

It is important that your DAW ALWAYS have audio driver focus cause if it auto-closes then absynthEngine will grab it. So in audio settings in your DAW of choice make sure to either tick or detick proper box. So if it says auto-close audio then detick it...If it says audio always on then tick it.

Wow, that was a BUNCH....

This Synth been a legend from the git-go. Many a tune can be composed with no other synth or sampler needed.

Also great for ambient & soundtrack as well as ANY kinda pad sound imaginable.

Banks include many BPM presets for those who like to be 'one finger wonders'.