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Author Topic: Nubus Compatible 3rd party TDM Plugins - A list in progress  (Read 826 times)

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Nubus Compatible 3rd party TDM Plugins - A list in progress
« on: September 15, 2022, 04:12:21 PM »
Arboretum Systems Hyperprism-TDM $945
Compatible with Pro Tools 3.0 and above, Studio Vision 3.0, Logic Audio 2.5 with TDM extensions and Digital Performer 1.6.

Antares JVP - JVP In The TDM Environment
The TDM software environment is supported by NuBus hardware from Digidesign called the DSP Farm. Each DSP Farm card contains 4 DSP56001 chips on which JVP and other DSP plug-ins run. The TDM system requires that one chip on the DSP Farm be used for the Mixer plug-in which comes with ProTools. Assigning a large number of ProTools voices will sometimes require the use of two DSP chips on the DSP Farm. JVP makes the most ef√ěcient use of the remaining DSP chips by running four processes on two audio channels on one chip. Normally, this would take four DSP chips to accomplish.
(I checked, DSP Farm are 56002)

Antares SST Spectral Shaping Tool - TDM and Sound Designer Plug-Ins Included - Macintosh Computer and Digidesign DSP Card are required - Plug-Ins are compatible with Digidesign Sound Designer and DAE (TDM) systems on the Macintosh - Plug-Ins provided for Sound Designer II and TDM allow you to select among the custom designed filters to achieve superb sound quality using a single DSP chip. You can hear every detail of your sound, as though you had ideal speakers in a "perfect" room

Jupiter Systems (Antares) MDT Multiband Dynamics Tool TDM Version 2.0t - Dynamics Processing Plug-In for Sound Designer II.

Steinberg Red Valve It, Spectralizer, Declicker, Timeguard, Tun-a

Optional Digidesign Software

DPP-1 1.2 D-Verb 1.2
Focusrite d2 1.1
MachineControl 1.0
MasterList CD 1.3
PostConform 1.0
SampleCell Editor 2.1.1 (w/SampleCell II)
SampleCell-TDM 1.1.1 (w/TDM Module) Sound Designer II 2.82
Turbosynth SC 2.22
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