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Cubasis VST v1.0 (2000-2001) user manual
« on: December 24, 2014, 07:26:18 PM »

Cubasis VST Operation Manual

demo download mac os 8/9 and windows (98/ME/XP/2K)

What is Cubasis VST?
Cubasis VST is an application that allows you to record, edit and mix music.
The program records two types of musical information, digital audio and MIDI. It allows you to do the following (among other things):
• Record any sound source such as a microphone, guitar, etc. • Record MIDI data from synthesizers or other MIDI instruments. • Play back up to 8 channels of audio and 64 MIDI Tracks! • Apply cut and paste techniques to your music, to rearrange recorded parts. • Perform detailed editing of your MIDI recordings. • Mix your music, applying effects and EQ to your audio recordings. • Create a mixdown audio file on your hard disk. • View movies and play your music along with the movie playback. • Create printed scores.
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