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19"midi interface DRIVER support XP/2000? 64bit vs 32bit, Win vs Mac


-trying to keep track of which interfaces have an xp/2000 driver.. and which interfaces were updated for Windows 7 64bit

-generally i think its worthwhile to investigate trying to get the XP driver to recognized on any 32bit version of windows; windows vista 32bit, windows 7 32bit, windows 8 32bit, windows 10 32bit etc i am speaking from experience as i have confirmed my mtp av parallel unit to work in windows 10 32bit with the XP driver so basically its very possible + likely that any XP driver for any product is basically a "windows 32bit driver" which means it will only work properly when installed on a 32bit OS running 32bit Software (4gb ram limit)

--- Quote ---Music Quest 8portSE (1996?)  (64bit driver),351
+* MOTU MTP AV (Parallel) (Jan 1997) (xp driver),550
Motu Micro Express 4x6 midi (1997) same as AV, newer usb version released around 1999, more modern versions released after that aswell
+Opcode 64x (May 1997) (xp driver) (see driver support here)

Emagic Unitor 8 (April 1998) (win2k/XP driver),359
+Opcode Studio 64xtc (April 1998) (xp driver),358.0.html (see driver support here)
++Opcode Studio 128x (Sept 1998) (xp driver) (see driver support here)

Motu Midi Timepiece AV-USB (1999) (64bit driver) white buttons, no mac/pc swap button,7606
* Motu Usb versions released (1999) (xp driver) (64bit driver),5205.0.html
OPCODE MIDIport 96 (Oct 1999),4411.0.html

Emagic AMT8 (Jan 2000) (win2k/XP driver)
Midiman Midisport 8x8/s (July 2000) (64bit driver)
Emagic MT4 (Oct 2000) (win2k/XP driver)
Yamaha UX256 (Nov 2000) (64bit driver),3687

STeinberg Midex 8 (May 2001) ((64bit driver) added in 2011)

+Edirol um880 (Aug 2002) (xp driver) (64bit driver)
Roland UM550 (2002)
--- End quote ---

so ya basically if its by Opcode - gibson gave a XP driver in 2002 but the Partys over - no 64bit support ever
if its by Emagic, theres a win2k/XP driver 32bit only - no 64bit windows support ever but it works on 64bit mac, or 32bit mac aswell
if its by MOTU, 64bit support only offered on USB midi interfaces (with white buttons)
if its by roland / Yamaha / Steinberg - 64bit support is available!

--- Quote ---modern choices by motu that support 64bit Operating systems + software
motu micro lite 5x5 140$
motu midi express xt 8x8 usb 350$
motu micro express 4x6 usb 250$
motu midi express 128 8x8 usb 235$

--- End quote ---

*** emagic unitor family drivers support the mt4 aswell
Unitor Family Driver (250 K, ZIP Archive)
Support of all MIDI Interfaces of the Unitor Family: Unitor8, AMT8 and MT4 on COM-Port or USB
Version 2.2.7; Upload Jan/21/2002
For Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP

*  = Motu midi setup = Unitor family setup (emagic)


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