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so apparently Presonus was bought by Fender?



was just on the presonus site and realized all their products are now discontinued.. then i looked it up and found this

--- Quote ---PreSonus Audio Electronics Inc., a Baton Rouge-based company that manufactures and sells audio equipment, is being acquired by major manufacturer Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.

Financial details of the deal were not disclosed. PreSonus' annual revenue was more than $100 million last year, according to the company.

"After more than 25 years, PreSonus feels it has found the right partner to support us as we continue our growth," Jim Odom, PreSonus co-founder, said in a statement.

PreSonus was founded in 1995 by Odom and Brian Smith, both LSU graduates. Odom graduated from LSU's electrical engineering program and was a producer and musician himself with the local group LeRoux.

The pair sought to build tools for musicians and audio engineers and now sell products in more than 100 countries.

The company's growth was fueled by the popularity of the automated mixer it first shipped in 1996 and a second one it produced based on customer feedback on the first.

In the early part of the 2000s, new technology led to PreSonus' first interface product, which had inputs for guitars and microphones that streamed the music as a digitized signal into a computer.

At the time, a sea change was getting under way where the dominance of major studios — an expensive option often out of reach for all but the more established musicians — began to give way to home recording studios made possible by new technology.

Odom told The Advocate in 2012, the company's success "is not so much that the technology or the boxes became cooler. It's that they solved problems that the musicians had."

Many of its mixers are sold to K-12 schools, universities and churches at a discount. PreSonus also sells software to customers but much of its sales are hardware products.

PreSonus manufactured its products inside of the Bon Carré Business Center until 2008. In the early 2000s, the company began importing metal from China, then moved its manufacturing operation there within a decade. PreSonus has more than 140 employees around the world, with about 90 in Baton Rouge.

It spent nearly $8 million on a headquarters and research facility on Highland Road that opened about eight years ago.

Fender looks to incorporate PreSonus hardware and software for musicians around the globe.

"Fender envisions an ecosystem that seamlessly integrates hardware and software to create an effortless end-to-end experience for customers at all levels in their creative journey, and joining forces with PreSonus makes that possible," Fender said in a statement.
--- End quote ---


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