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Digi 001 & Digi 001 Factory (1999)


originally for Windows 98se or MacOS8/9
the digi 001 predates windows XP, and was released in September 1999 originally intended to be used on Win98SE platform or on Macintosh with OS8.6 or the brand-new at the time macOS v9.0 ; Pro Tools LE 6.4 for Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) and Windows XP were the last releases of Pro Tools that support Digi 001 hardware.

support info for different os:
Mac os 9:
Windows 98/ME:
Windows XP:
Windows XP:

Download pro tools 5.1.1 for digi 001 systems here:
Increases number of simultaneous audio tracks to 32 on Macintosh-based Digi 001 & Toolbox systems

Bomb factory plugins

* Digi 001 Factory Plug-Ins for Pro Tools 6 on Mac OS X (18 MB)
* Digi 001 Factory Plug-Ins for Pro Tools 6 on Windows XP (17.5 MB)
* Digi 001 Factory Plug-Ins for Pro Tools 5 on Windows XP (15.3 MB)
* Digi 001 Factory Plug-Ins for Pro Tools 5 on Mac OS 9 (17.3 MB)

--- Quote ---Digi 001 Capabilities
The Digi 001 provides the following inputs and outputs:
• 8 analog audio inputs, 2 with mic preamps
• Switchable 48V phantom power on mic preamps
• 8 analog outputs and stereo monitor output
• Stereo headphone output
• Optical input for 8 channels of ADAT input or 2 channels of S/PDIF input
• Optical output for 8 channels of ADAT output or 2 channels of S/PDIF output
• 2 RCA channels of S/PDIF digital I/O
• MIDI in and out, providing up to 16 channels of MIDI I/O

In addition, the Digi 001 includes a footswitch jack for punching in and out while

System Requirements
Digi 001 can be used on a Power Macintosh or Intel computer.

To use Pro Tools LE on a Macintosh, you need:
• A Digidesign-qualified Power Macintosh (G3/G4 recommended)
• Mac OS 8.6 or 9.0
• At least 128 MB RAM (192 MB recommended)
• CD-ROM drive for software install
• QuickTime 4.0 or higher (included with Pro Tools LE)
• OMS 2.3.8 or higher (included with Pro Tools LE)

To use Pro Tools LE on Windows 98, you need:
• A Digidesign-qualified Intel computer (PIII recommended)
• Windows 98, Second Edition
• At least 128 MB RAM (192 MB recommended)
• CD-ROM drive for software install
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---    Digidesign/Focusrite Control|24
    CM Labs MotorMix™
    JL Cooper CS-10™ MIDI series
    Mackie Designs HUI™
    Peavy PC1600
    Command | 8

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Notes:
    Digidesign ProControl, FaderPack and EditPack are not compatible with Pro Tools LE systems
    The Digi 002 faders cannot be used to control any device other than the Digi 002, and cannot be used with the Digi 001
    New MIDI control surface features are provided through the latest Control Surface Personality files installed with Pro Tools
    Pro Tools 6.0 or later no longer supports and will not install the Penny & Giles MM-16 and DC-16 Control Surface Personality Files

--- End quote ---



this page theres is a comment from a user saying that he got his digi 001 to work on windows 7!

--- Quote ---I got digi 001 running on windows 7...
i left my xp on hard disk while installing win 7.
it kept xp on folder windows.old folder.
in control panel i saw digi as multimedia adapter wich system couldn't recognize.
hit "change settings" -> driver -> update driver
used my old windows to search for driver.

it found "Dalwdm.sys" driver for adapter.
installed that. after that windows recognized digi 001.
downloaded "digidesign asio 6.11"
driver installer for win-xp and ran it.
and bingo - it works!

in every step windows was complaining and asking do i want to do this.
just yeah'd everything. as i just had a clean install of win 7 i just thought whatta heck i can install everything again if it would not work, but it did.

so in a nut shell:
1: install Dalwdm.sys in control panel for digi 001
2: run digidesign asio 6.11 driver installer for win-xp

for me it worked but i absolutely take no responsibility if you mess your system with this!
at least reaper got a sound out of it. i haven't tried to record anything yet. but asio settings seemed to work as they used to do in xp.

- veikko-antero
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Successful installation of DIGI 001 on windows 7 32 bit
Digi001 works fine with Windows 7 32 bit

you need to have protools 6.4 install in windows 7
since protools 6.4 cannot be installed on windows 7
you have to run the installer in compatibility mode to windows xp.

After install any DAW, you can make use out your old digi 001

driver for DIGI001 is in c:\windows\system32\drivers\ Dalwdm.sys
--- End quote ---

For Pro Tools 5.3.x Windows XP Systems Only

--- Quote ---Compatibility

The following programs have been tested with the ASIO Driver 5.3.3b2:

Ableton LIVE v2.0
Arturia Storm v2.0
Emagic Logic Audio v5.5
Image-Line Fruityloops v3.5
Native Instruments Absynth v1.3.2*
Native Instruments B4 v1.1*
Native Instruments Battery v1.1*
Native Instruments FM7 v1.1*
Native Instruments Kontakt v1.1*
Native Instruments Pro-52 v2.5*
Native Instruments Reaktor v3.0.5*
Propellerhead Reason v2.0
Propellerhead ReCycle v2.0
Sonic Foundry Acid v4.0
Steinberg Cubase SX v1.05
Steinberg Nuendo v1.5.2
Steinberg Wavelab v4.0
STL Vaz2010 v1.0.3
Virsyn Tera v1.1R1
--- End quote ---


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