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S&C Develop VST Stereo Digital Sampler SX100 + Drums Sampler DX100 (2000?)

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--- Quote ---The second version of a stereo sampler digital VST 2.0 instrument for cubase VST. The characteristics are the following one:
8 sample by loading of a Wav file.
Format: Wav 16 Stereo or mono bits. Cut Max: 45 sec
16*8 ways polyphony (64 with a Celeron 570) .
Visualization of the sample.
Display of the samples and the 5 first letters of the name.
Position of samples on the keyboard.
Selection of the input point and output for the loop of the sample.
Selection with or without loop. Direct, opposite and bi-directional direction for the loop.
Level of general output.
Variation of the sample speed.
Visualization of the average level of the available memory.

Compatibility Midi:
- Note Velocity
- Volume
- Panoramic
- Pitch bend

Editor(Total automation):
-Out level : Level of the output
-Speed : The speed of the reading of samples.
For each sample:
- 1 VCA: Control amplitude with 1 ADSR (Attack, Delay, Sustain, Release).
- 1VCF: Control of a resonant filter with 1 ADSR and the control of resonance and Cutoff.
- 1 LFO: Variation of the frequency of the sample by three waveforms (triangle, square, sine). Control sensitivity and speed (0 to 10 Hz).
- Pitch: variation of the pitch by 1/2 tone. the sample is placed on the LA 440 Hz
- Fine Pitch: variation of the pitch of +/- 1/2 tone.
- Level : Level of the sample
- Key Map : Position of samples on the keyboard. Down: First note. UP: last note.

Backup: possibility of back-up the sound. Name of the file: *.vsc
Possibility of backup the bank sample in the cubase project.
Available only for the people recorded with the plugins scdevelop. Distribution by mail attached.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Features:
Can load 8 samples per bank (Can then be saved as a bank).
Loads Mono or Stereo 16 bit WAV's (Up to 45 sec).
16 voice polyphonic (CPU dependant).
Visual representation of the sample and loop points on screen.
Each sample can be mapped across the keyboard.
Loops can be set using input and output points.
3 Loop modes (Forward, Reverse, bi-directional, & Off).
Individual sample levels can be set.
Sample speed can be set.
ADSR envelopes for VCA & VCF.
Resonant filter.
LFO to pitch (Tri, Square, Sine - 0 to 10 Hz).
Responds to Velocity, Volume, Pan & Pitch bend.
--- End quote ---

hey reverend

its an oldie thats for sure
is the release you'd be after...
i can try to help track it down

apparently these guys did an early drum vst type th ing too

I am searching for the the SC drum-sampler v2 (SX-200) !? trying to reconstruct a veeeery old project !! anybody !?

what operating systems have you tested it on??
using what filesystem? (NTFS im guessing?)

theres a good chance it might work best on an old win95/98 system using FAT32 filesystem?
but thats just a guess off the top of my head

amazing you finally found this; in 2019.. ancient history but i remember having it back in 1999-2001 time period


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