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todd edwards studio tour + gear list
« on: March 10, 2015, 09:48:09 AM »
originally todd has said he used a kawai q80 sequencer
todd switched to digital performer software for sequencing in 2000 (digital performer 2.7)
"just dont let the technology take reign over the actual making of music"

todds studio consists of samplers + modules from e-mu + ensoniq
todd edwards gear list
akai s6000 *SAMPLER
Ensoniq asr-10 rack *SAMPLER
Ensoniq eps *SAMPLER
roland vp9000 *SAMPLER

(see my akai s series timeline :
and also ensoniq series timeline:

kurzweil pc-88 piano (mostly as midi controller)

yamaha motif rack *SYNTH
roland jv2080 *SYNTH (probably loaded with 8 cards
roland jp8000 *SYNTH
microkorg *SYNTH
juno 106 *SYNTH

emu b3  *ROMPLER
emu vintage pro *ROMPLER
emu mophatt *ROMPLER
emu xtreme lead 1 *ROMPLER

Tascam DA-30 DAT Recorder
yamaha mg24 mixer
macintosh motu digital performer user since 2000
(more recently switched to pro tools)
motu 2408mk3
motu midi express XT usb
digital performer user since 2000
mac os x
powermac g5

more info: