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"I want to be a Producer" Starter pack checklist
« on: March 01, 2020, 05:41:33 PM »
Shopping List:

This can be a standalone sequencer (Such as an MPC) or a vintage computer such as an Atari ST, a powermac g3/g4 or a pentium 2/3 pc

Drum Machine
this can range from a cheap drum machine all the way up to costing thousands of dollars for a classic vintage unit

Midi Controller
many cheap usb controllers can be had, but i would make sure to get one with MIDI port

any Sampler can fill the need but classics are The Akai S3000 XL, Akai S9xx series or any MPC

Synthesizer (Poly Synth)
Many synths are polysynths such as the Poly 800, or Juno 106

Synthesizer (Linear Synth)
Roland's D Series Synths + MT32

Synthesizer (FM Synth)
Usually a Yamaha Synth but there are new FM Synths like the Korg Volca FM

Mixing Board (Analog)
for final mixdown from Digital to Analog

Mixing Board (Digital)
preferrably with ADAT connectivity for multichannel in/out

modern Computer
usually an intel powered Mac or PC with 8gb ram+ for running both instrument + effects plugins

Audio Interface
i'd suggest one that connects via PCI, USB or Firewire instead of the more modern options which cost alot more $$$ but if you have no limit on budget go ahead

MIDI Interface
this can be a complicated choice but for most people choosing a Multi in/out MIDI interface with USB connectivity will do the job