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Author Topic: mpc 60 (NOTES RE: FLOPPY DRIVE)  (Read 3909 times)

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« on: March 11, 2015, 09:48:36 AM »
Q: I find it difficult to find low density floppy disks for the MPC60. Can I use High Density disks?

A: The correct floppy disks to use in the MPC60 are double sided, double density (DS/DD). These disks are difficult to find because of the greater popularity of high-density disks (HD). If you canÌt find any DS/DD disks, you may use HD disks instead.

NOTE: If you take an HD floppy that has been formatted in the MPC60 and try to read it in an MPC3000, the MPC3000 will tell you that the disk is bad or not formatted. If this happens, simply cover the HD hole in the lower right corner of the disk with opaque tape. (This hole is located on the same edge of the disk as the "HD" emblem, and unlike the other "write protect" hole, has no sliding window.) This will trick the MPC3000 into thinking that the floppy is a DS/DD disk and will then be able to read it.

August 06, 2005
Fun with Akai MPC-60 floppy drives

Turned on my Akai MPC-60 this past week and the floppy drive was dead. The original drive was a long discontinued 720k Mitsubishi. Opening up my other Akai gear I discovered Teac FD-235HF models. Doing some snooping around the net it turns out there were more than a dozen variations of this drive, however Teac still makes one model that should work just fine, the FD-235HFA529. This is still available at a number of online retailers. Being impatient I decided to visit Weird Stuff instead of waiting for a mailorder drive to show up. I picked up a FD-235HF3240 with even more jumper options than the current model for $4.95. While the jumper arrangement of the 3240 appears similar to the 5636 model, they are in fact totally different. It tooks some serious digging to turn up the jumper settings by I finally found the information I needed in a 1994 usenet posting. Seeing how I had some difficulty in collecting Teac drive information I decided to take some pictures before closing the MPC60 up.
Jumper settings for the Teac FD-235HF3240

A1 - B1      DS0   Drive select 0
B1 - C1      DS1   Drive select 1
A2 - B2      DS2   Drive select 2
B2 - C2      DS3   Drive select 3
A4 - B4      RY34   Ready output on Pin 34
B4 - C4      DC34   Disk Change output on Pin 34
C3 - C4      DC2   Disk Change output on Pin 2
C4 - D4      DC4   Disk Change output on Pin 4
A3 - B3      HA   density set automatically
B3 - C3      HI2   density set by HD IN on pin 2
C3 - D3      HO2   density (HD OUT) output on pin 2
D3 - D4      HO4   density (HD OUT) output on pin 4
D1 - D2      LHI   ---or---
D2 - E2      LHI   HD IN low is high density
D1 - E1      LHO   ---or---
E1 - E2      LHO   HD IN high is high density
E2 - F2      HMK   half mask for INDEX/READ-DATA
F3 - G3      NMK   no mask for INDEX/READ-DATA
F1 - G1      IR   LED on when: (Drive Select AND Ready)
G1 - G2      ML   motor on when: (Motor ON AND LED on)
E4 - F4      ACD   disable auto-checking
G3 - G4      REN   disable auto-recalibration
E2 - E3      HF   ---or---
E3 - E4      HF   must always be in for this version of drive

For the MPC-60 jumper DS0, HI2, RY34, HF, REN, and FG. The drive came jumpered with DS1, HA, DC34, HF, REN, and FG.
Jumper settings for the Teac FD-235HFA529 (also FD-235HF6554 and FD-235HF6573

A1 - B1      DS0   Drive select 0
B1 - C1      DS1   Drive select 1
A2 - B2      DS2   Drive select 2
B2 - C2      DS3   Drive select 3
C3 - D3      REN   disable auto-recalibration
D3 - E3      ACD(a)   disable auto-checking
E3 - F3      ACD(b)   disable auto-checking
D2 - E2      RY34   Ready output on Pin 34
E1 - E2      DC34   Disk Change output on Pin 34
E1 - F1      DC2   Disk Change output on Pin 2
G1 - G2      HA   density set automatically
F1 - G1      HI2   density set by HD IN on pin 2
F1 - F2      HO2   density (HD OUT) output on pin 2
F3 - G3      IR   LED on when: (Drive Select AND Ready)

For the MPC-60 jumper DS0, HI2, RY34, ACD(b), and FG. Teac also recommends bridging S14 on the bottom side of the drive controller to force 720k mode.

Posted by cary at August 6, 2005 11:12 PM