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early 90s synths list
« on: March 13, 2015, 01:44:16 AM »
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e-mu proteus 2 orchestral,4429
ensoniq sd-1,1903.
korg wavestation,1471
roland d-70,2102
yamaha sy22,1907
yamaha tg33,1520
yamaha tg77,2266

e-mu proteus 3 world,4430
korg 01/W,1468
korg 01/W FD,4425
Korg 01/W PRO X,4562
Korg 01R/W,2295
korg wavestation A/D,4015
korg wavestation EX,4563
kurzweil k2000,4096
kurzweil k2000rs
oberheim strummer
roland jd-800,1420
yamaha ry30,2342
yamaha sy99,2481

korg 01/W pro
korg 03R/W,2857
korg wavestation SR,2360.
Roland JV-80
Roland JV-880,1415
Roland JW-50,2151
Roland R-70,2110
Yamaha Sy35,2404
Yamaha Sy85,2179.
Yamaha TG500,2265

Alesis QuadraSynth
Alesis S4,1402
E-mu morpheus
E-mu vintage keys,1909
Ensoniq TS-10,4520
Ensoniq TS-12,2482
Korg 05R/W,2315
Korg X3,1540
Novation Bass Station,2035
Roland JD-990,1416
Roland JV-90,2300
Waldorf Wave,4521

doepfer ms-404,4573
e-mu proteus fx,2483
e-mu vintage keys plus,4572
marion systems msr-2,4574
oberheim echoplex,4575
oberheim OB-Mx,2137
roland JV-1080
roland xp-10
yamaha w5
yamaha w7

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