Author Topic: e-mu Proteus X ***requires E-mu Sound card  (Read 3282 times)

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e-mu Proteus X ***requires E-mu Sound card
« on: March 19, 2015, 07:31:12 PM »
the vst works in 32bit OS only!!!!! i think standalone mode will work in 64 bit but the VST will NOT work in 64bit OS such as win7 64bit so both Standalone + VST will work if u are running win7 32bit or vista 32bit or XP 32bit

System Requirements
To use Proteus X you will need at least
• Pentium III 1GHz or equivalent CPU (P4, 2 GHz or faster recommended)
• 512 MB RAM (1 GB DDR or greater recommended)
• Hard disk capable of 200 Mb/sec transfer rate.
• Windows 2000 or XP

Software Installation
Programs installed

• Proteus X Desktop Sound Module application
• Proteus X VSTi
• Proteus X Converter
• Proteus X Factory Sound Banks

Important: ***
Install the EMU Digital Audio System audio card before installing and running Proteus X.