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underworld gear list & interview (2000)
« on: March 26, 2015, 04:35:02 AM »

Underworld Gear List   
    Rick Smith talked me through some of the most important gear in the studio:

  Akai MPC2000 percussion sampler.
 Akai S3200XL sampler."I use this a lot. Very important."
 ARP 2600 modular synth.
 Casio FZ1 sampler. "Our oldest sampler. It goes on once a year."
 Clavia Nord Lead.
 Emu Orbit sound module."I hardly use it at all. It's a dance-based synth, and that's what's horrible about it."
 Korg ER1 drum machine.
 OSC Oscar synthesizer. "Nice, but hasn't been turned on for a while."
 Peavey PC6100X MIDI Command Station. "Handy. It sends MIDI info from the faders and buttons so you can control the faders in the computer, instead of using a mouse. You can also attach it to synths and use it to control parameters."
 Quasimidi Technox sound module."Really nice, but not used much. It's great when you have something cooking along, and you quickly want some pad or bass sounds."
 Roland TR909 drum machine.
 Roland JP8000 synthesizer."Hardly ever used"
 Yamaha DX7 MkI synthesizer. "The DX7 is my oldest and favorite synth. I have a set of sounds that I've programmed and that seem to work consistently. Recently I've started programming it again, but in ridiculous fashion, with sounds just coming out like noise. When you sample it and time-stretch and create other sounds and rhythms it can be interesting. It's true that most of my synths are analogue. I think most modern digital synths do too much. They fill all the gaps, and make up for a lack of imagination. And tweaking buttons is nice. You have to really struggle with these old synths. You may walk in on Tuesday, and for some reason it sounds shit all day, but the next day it may be sounding great.

 Apple Mac G4 with Recycle and Logic Audio version 4.5.
 64-channel, 24-bit Digidesign Pro Tools system.
 TL Audio VTC 24-channel in-line desk."My favourite thing in here. I like the valve sound."

"We've recently taken out a lot of things, partly because things became so cluttered, partly because the plug-ins that I use in Logic Audio are so brilliant. Audio effects plug-ins are fantastic things, they've made a huge difference. You can now run a mix in the computer that comes out in stereo, so the size of the console isn't really an issue."
 Behringer Ultrafex 2 enhancer.
 BSS DPR901 compressor.
 DBX 160S compressor/limiter (x2).
 Drawmer DS201 noise gate.
 Focusrite ISA115HD EQ (x2).
 Neve 33609C stereo compressor/limiter. "The most wonderful, beautiful compressor."
 Roland SRV330 reverb unit.
 Sony V77 multi-effects.
 TC Electronic Finalizer Plus. "We put whole mixes through this, especially for Beaucoup Fish, whilst being very delicate."
 Yamaha SPX90multi-effects.

 Access Virus synth.
 Akai S3200 sampler
 Behringer Composer compressor/limiter.
 Behringer Ultrafex 2 enhancer.
 Clavia Nord Lead synth.
 Joemeek VC1 voice channel.
 Novation DrumStation drum module.
 Sherman Filterbank
 Sony MP5 multi-effects.
 Spirit Absolute 4P monitors.
 Waldorf Microwave XT synth.
 Yamaha SPX90 multi-effects.