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--- Quote ---non-illustrated
MKS-100 (1986) QD
S-10 (1986) QD
S-50 (1986) DS/DD
S-220 (1987) QD
S-330 (1988) DS/DD
S-550 (1988) DS/DD
W-30 (1989) DS/DD

S-770 (1990) DD/HD *1.44
S-750 (1991) DD/HD *1.44
DJ-70 (1992) DD/HD *1.44
S-760 (1994) DD/HD *1.44
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--- Quote ---illustrated
MKS-100 (1986)

S-10 (1986)

S-50 (1986)

S-550 (1986)

S-220 (1987)

S-330 (1988)

W-30 (1989)

S-770 (1990)

S-750 (1991)

DJ-70 (1992)

S-760 (1994)
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roland color monitors:

use ps/2 mouse in place of a MSX mouse


--- Quote ---What is S-xxx?

The S-xxx system is a control equipment to control Roland S-Series samplers over a windows PC using the PC screen as video screen for the sampler video output signal, the PC mouse for simulation of the Roland MU-1 mouse and an emulated RC100 panel on the PC screen as a remote controller. It also opens up new possibilities such as using optical and wireless mice and trackballs, midi control of RC100 functions and the ability to control the RC100 functions via a web connection from a laptop, net-book iPad, iPhone or similar web enabled device.

What are the system requirements?

PC running Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later.
Directx 9.0c or later
1.5  GHz processor
50 MB free disk space
1 Directshow compatible video capture device
1 S-xxx hardware interface
3 Button or Wheel mouse

How does it work?

S-xxx is able to replace the functionality of the standard MU-1 mouse and RC100 controller by sending instructions generated via the S-xxx, RC100 and WebRC100 software to the Sampler, it does this by using the Roland’s mouse/RC100 communications protocol via an interface device (RC100-USB-Interface) connected between the sampler and host PC. It converts the data sent from the PC's USB port and outputs it to the sampler via the 9 pin D-sub socket found on the back or front of the sampler marked 'EXT CTRL'. The interface contains a programmable microprocessor that reads data via an USB serial converter chip, translates it and sends the correct digital I/O signals so the sampler can understand it.

RC100-USB-Interface hardware
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video showing replacement of the floppy of a s330 roland sampler
replacing it with
HxC Floppy Emulator


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