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Use an Insert as a Pre-EQ / Pre-Fader Direct out



Hosa DOC106 Audio Direct Out Insert Cable By allowing you use your mixer's insert jacks as direct outs for recording, this cable offers a creative solution for live and recording applications.

--- Quote ---Product Description
Beat the system! This slick little cable lets you use your mixer's insert jacks as direct outs for recording. The cable accomplishes this while leaving the signal path intact for your mixer. Now you can easily record true multitrack mixes of live gigs -- without investing in a different mixer.

Stage mixers are great for live venues, but when you need separate direct outs from each channel (for sending out to a multitrack recorder, for example), you're usually out of luck. But now, using Hosa's DOC-106 Direct-Out Cable, you can actually trick the stage mixer's channel insert jack into thinking it's a direct output.

Ordinarily, the insert jack "steals" the individual channel's signal for outboard processing. But the DOC-106's clever wiring provides a direct output while allowing signal to continue through the console too. Works on any mixer that has conventionally-wired insert jacks (Tip = Send, Ring = Return).

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--- Quote ---some text on direct outs from the soundcraft brochure (circa late 90s)

Direct outputs allow the signal from
each channel to be sent straight back
out of the console as well as into its
audio busses. Individual channels can
be recorded separately to tape, and
you can record on as many
tape tracks at once as you have
channels. Folio direct outputs
can be switched to be either
pre-fade or post-fade. The pre-
fade signal is the output from
the channel EQ but before the
mute switch. This allows a
multi-track recording to be
made independently of a live
performance (so that you can
mix the show later from the multitrack
recording), or allows the faders and
pan controls to create a monitor mix
during a recording session. The post-
fade signal is taken after the mute
switch and the fader, and can therefore
be used in a live situation to feed an
external effects device or allows the
level to tape to be ‘ridden’ by the fader
when recording
--- End quote ---


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