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Author Topic: Yamaha MGP32X (2013) 32-channel, 4-bus  (Read 4432 times)

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Yamaha MGP32X (2013) 32-channel, 4-bus
« on: March 28, 2015, 12:11:15 AM »

Yamaha MGP32X
Insert/Input A (1/4")/Input B(XLR) on first 24 channels, compression on 16 tracks (9-24) (!!no A/B flipswitch!!)
The Yamaha MGP32X mixer gives you analog warmth and simplicity along with sophisticated DSP functions, all in a compact metal chassis packed with slick Yamaha innovation. Your signal path starts with great-sounding D-PRE Class A mic preamps, sporting an inverted Darlington circuit design. The MGP32X's X-pressive equalization delivers the essence of classic vintage EQs, while its intelligent 1-knob compressors give you effortless dynamic control. With its Priority Ducker, Leveler, and Stereo Image functions, the Stereo Hybrid channel offers a fresh take on sound reinforcement in the digital age. Check out the evolution of the analog mixer: Yamaha's MGP32X.
Yamaha MGP32X at a Glance:

    A fresh approach to analog mixing
    Analog warmth, digital sophistication
    The Stereo Hybrid channel is analog and digital
    Loaded for bear
    Built for serious professional use

A fresh approach to analog mixing

In the MGP32X, Yamaha has taken a fresh approach toward the utilization of digital technologies in an analog mixer, giving you intuitive, analog-style control over sophisticated DSP functions. One thing we love about analog gear is the direct and hands-on operation, and the MGP32X keeps this feel consistent throughout the design, giving you tons of functionality but with a simple, familiar feel.
Analog warmth, digital sophistication

With the Yamaha MGP32X, you get the best of both worlds: analog warmth and digital sophistication. Yamaha's D-PRE discrete Class A microphone preamps sport an inverted Darlington circuit design, and they sound amazing. You know those vintage equalizers you love the sound of? Yamaha engineers studied them and built all that tasty goodness into their X-pressive EQ circuit, so you get the warmth and musicality of the originals, without the noise. Intelligent 1-knob compressors let you add optimally set compression to a wide variety of input sources. There's much more under the bonnet, but suffice to say that this mixer sounds great, in addition to being incredibly easy to operate.
The Stereo Hybrid channel is analog and digital

Beneath the analog-style knobs of the MGP32X lies a sophisticated digital control system. This fortunate union combines traditional analog feel with the functionality that only digital can offer. The MGP32X gives you powerful DSP that delivers three essential features that are staples of both installed and live sound applications. Each of these functions (Priority Ducker, Leveler, and Stereo Image) is readily accessible at the touch of a button. With its mid-sweep, 3-band EQ, and high-performance converters, the Stereo Hybrid channel delivers unique functionality and amazing sound.
Loaded for bear

Yamaha's MG series consoles are packed with uber-cool features to make your life on the road a cakewalk. The MGP32X boasts two separate studio-grade effects processors: Yamaha's excellent REV-X reverb with three high-resolution 'verbs and the acclaimed SPX digital multi-effects processor, which gives you an eminently useable selection of 16 advanced digital effects. The MGP32X also features new 31-band graphic equalizer processing on the stereo bus. Flex9GEQ and 14-band GEQ modes let you execute precise, detailed equalization for demanding professional applications.
Built for serious professional use

Starting with its all-metal chassis that's contoured for optimal convection cooling, the Yamaha MGP32X is built for serious professional use. It's packed with thoughtful pro features such as an internal universal power supply that lets you plug in with confidence in any region with 100V to 240V power. In true Yamaha fashion, the MGP32X will take all the abuse your road schedule can dish out - and then some.
Yamaha MGP32X Features:

    D-PRE discrete Class A microphone preamps with inverted Darlington circuit design
    X-pressive EQ gives you the warmth and musicality of classic vintage EQs
    Intelligent 1-knob compressors add optimally set compression to a wide variety of input sources
    Simple, analog-style control of sophisticated DSP functions
    Traditional analog feel with the functionality that only digital technology can offer
    Stereo Hybrid channel is a new way of approaching sound reinforcement in the digital age
    Priority Ducker lets a microphone to take priority over another sound source automatically
    Leveler "auto levels" tracks from a sound source that varies in volume
    Stereo Image seamlessly narrows the spectrum, so widespread audiences hear an accurate mix
    REV-X reverb gives you 3 incredible-sounding, high-resolution reverbs
    Yamaha's acclaimed SPX digital multi-effects processor with 16 advanced digital effects
    New 31-band graphic equalizer processing on the stereo bus
    USB port to connect your iPod or iPhone for easy playback with a single connection
    Metal chassis for rugged professional durability
    Internal universal power supply lets you plug in with confidence in any region with 100V to 240V

The Yamaha MGP32X has analog warmth and sophisticated DSP functions!
Tech Specs
Type    Analog
Channels    32
Inputs - Mic Preamps    24 x XLR
Inputs - Line    32 x TRS (16 mono, 4 stereo)
Inputs - Other    4 x stereo RCA
Outputs - Main    2 x XLR, 2 x TRS; 1 x XLR (Mono)
Outputs - Other    4 x TRS (Monitor, Matrix), 4 x TRS (Bus)
Headphones    1 x 1/4"
Send/Return I/O    6 x TRS/4 x Stereo
Phantom Power    24
EQ Bands    3-band, Sweepable Mid
Aux Sends    6
Busses/Groups    4 Bus
Faders    36
Channel Inserts    Yes
Effects    Yes
Talkback    Yes
Computer Connectivity    USB (Device, iPod, iPhone)
Height    6.7"
Width    40.4
Depth    22.2"
Weight    41.9 lbs.
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