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Soundcraft LX7II (2003) 32 Channel, 4 Bus



--- Quote ---according to block diagram the direct outs on the LX7II series mixers are switchable between post mute post fader and pre-mute pre-fader
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--- Quote ---The Soundcraft LX7ii 32 is part of the LX7ii series, Soundcraft's second generation of their acclaimed LX7 consoles. On the Lx7ii, Soundcraft's founder and resident electronics wizard, Graham Blyth, completely and effectively redesigned the mic pre and EQ section, taking the precision and quality found on their larger, high-end consoles and packing it into a smaller, more affordable, and stylish desk. With 32 high quality input channels, and an easy to use control surface layout, the LX7ii 32 is the perfect mixing solution in both recording as well as live applications. If you're on a budget, but can't stop dreaming about that flagship, high-end Soundcraft Sound, take home the LX7ii 32!
LX7ii 32 at a Glance:

    Premium mic pres
    Redesigned EQ section
    Multiple routing possibilities

Premium mic pres

When he was dreaming up the Lx7ii 32, Soundcraft founder, Graham Blyth, was determined to provide the best possible quality at the best price for the customer. With this philosophy in mind, Blyth went to work on the new Lx7ii series, taking the high-end mic pre design found on Soundcraft's larger consoles and integrating it into this smaller desk. The result is astounding - the Lx7ii sounds incredible and is offered at an extremely affordable price!
Redesigned EQ section

The LX7ii's new 4 band EQ section is based on the EQ used in the high-end MH series. The high and low shelving sections have much steeper slopes than usual, which can help reduce mid frequency harshness in the high band and that dreaded muddiness in the low. The LX7ii also has two swept mid frequencies, carefully selected for maximum control during live performances. Every band provides 15dB of cut or boost, and there is a dedicated bypass switch, allowing you to compare treated and untreated sounds without having to completely reset the controls.
Multiple routing possibilities

With 6 flexible auxiliary sends, the user can choose between monitor or effects oriented mixes. Auxes 1-6 are generally post-fader, post-EQ, but auxes 1-4 can be switched in pairs to be pre-fader, post EQ, making 4 pre-fader foldback mixes or 6 post-fader effects sends possible.
LX7ii 24 Features:

    32 input channels
    48v phantom power switched in blocks of 4
    1/4" line input jack for balanced or unbalanced instruments
    GB30 padless mic provides up to +15dBu input capability
    18dB per octave highpass filter straight after preamp
    Pre-fade, pre-EQ (but post highpass filter) insert point
    Direct outputs on all but the last 8 channels
    Premium mic pres
    Enhanced, switching EQ section
    6 flexible aux sends
    Pre-fader, post-EQ soloing
    LED doubles as a peak indicator
    Stereo input section
    Group, master, and control room sections

The Soundcraft Lx7ii 32 is an excellent mixer for both recording as well as live sound applications!
Tech Specs
Type    Analog
Channels    32
Inputs - Mic Preamps    32 x XLR
Inputs - Line    32 x 1/4", 4 x 1/4" (Stereo 1/2)
Outputs - Direct    32 x 1/4" (CH 1-32)
Phantom Power    Yes (CH 1-32)
EQ Bands    4-band Sweepable Hi-Mid/Lo-Mid
Aux Sends    4 x Pre/Post, 2 x Post
Busses/Groups    4 Bus
Faders    38 x 100mm
Channel Inserts    Yes (CH 1-32)
Talkback    Yes
Height    6.5"
Width    41.7"
Depth    19.8"
Weight    56 lbs.
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