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SVArTracker is one I like alot...I have made some 'clips-jingles' but not yet a short tune...

I am still learning it yet...

SVArTracker has some advanced features not found in ANY OTHER TRACKER!...

Images will provide the information but not all is peaches & cream-

SVArTracker has some lacks though- Harder to learn, Dev was russian so docs minimal, no help system, lack of any kind of scopes or VU meters but you can certainly load in 3rd party, No actual mixer just cable controls, GUI can get cluttered...

I have annotated these screens to help 'LERNIN'...

There you go...Dev has been gone for a couple years now, very sad...

This version 1.22 was the ONLY version released as freeware...This can be found in various places but I have a few extras in MY archive including all these images that will help out...

This is a SOLID & PRO Tracker in operation & feel....

Samples + Sampler Media / MusicRadar - All links to Royalty-Free Samples!!>>>
« Last post by Project5er on January 19, 2022, 05:53:03 PM »
On another forum I did a fellow a solid & he in return gave me all these links to the MusicRadar Free Packs...He had made a script to 'reveal' the links as they are difficult to find...

Well, I downloaded probably 8GB from my 'chosen' genres which was very few as I am picky...

Are you ready?...Wait for it................
Modern Software / Cantabile Performer 1.1 Win32 - Full Free Edition>>>
« Last post by Project5er on January 19, 2022, 05:41:37 PM »
Back when Cantabile was version 1.1 it was FULL 'lite' version...

And while current 'lite' versions are about the same feature set this is way more compact GUI & probably more fitting for older windows OS at any rate...

Personally I like the compact nature of this oldie...

Looks like the wayback is working again but for how long? You can get it plus download here-

Or as the attachment for SAFE KEEPING!...

So this is to get older 32bit v7 to work on 64bit windows 7? Or is it 64bit v7 to work on 64bit windows 7?
Before the installation:
Log in to an account with Administrator rights.

I did start with fresh and clean install of Windows 7 64 bit (without SP1) thanks to Acronis True Image to avoid any potential problem with previous Pro Tools install.

I highly recommend True Image for fast easy backup and recovery of system which makes life much easier. Very easy to use and priceless for saving time and precious projects.

( I have ProTools 7.4 LE running on Windows 7 64-bit Professional with all updates and fixes except Windows 7 Service Pack 1 for x64. )

1. Uninstall Internet Explorer 8
As a troubleshooting step click the Start button – Control Panel – Programs and Features – Turn Windows features on or off
To turn Internet Explorer 8 off, clear the check box.
2. Disable UAC and Antivirus
To disable User Account Control just type UAC into the start menu and select “Change User Account Control settings”. Drag the slider all the way down to the bottom, to disabled it entirely. Restart your computer before the changes take effect.
To temporarily disable real-time AntiVirus and AntiSpyware protection refer to the program maker depending on the software that you are using.
Restart your computer before the changes take effect

! Re-enable antivirus after successful install and test run of Pro Tools.



3. Install Internet Explorer 9 64-bit
IE9 64bit makes NO problem to Pro Tools 7.4 LE.

4. Install Visual C++ 2010 (if needed)
During the Pro Tools 7.4 LE installation process I used to get a Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 error window popups:


After I have downloaded and installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x64 Redistributable Package and error did not show up again.

5. Before running Pro Tools 7.4 LE setup.exe file
Right click Pro Tools 7.4 LE setup.exe file and choose Properties. On the Compatibility tab click on “Change settings for all users”. In the next window select:

√ “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”
Windows Vista

√ “Disable Desktop composition”

√ “Run this program as an administrator”
Apply and OK.


Install Pro Tools 7.4 LE on Windows 7 64 bit
6. Run Pro Tools 7.4 LE setup.exe file
Most important slide is number 8/16! This is the trick. Reboot after PT 7.4 LE is installed. Second most important hack is needed after the PC restarts.


Install Pro Tools 7.4 LE driver for Windows 7 64 bit
7. Download and install different Mbox Mini driver on top
After the reboot download the magic driver and install it on top without connecting the Mbox 2. What works for me are Avid Mbox Mini Drivers (3rd gen) v1.0.6 for Windows [13.75 MB]. Not Mbox 2 drivers.
I just read Avid website:

“Pro Tools will not recognize your audio interface if you do not install the drivers. Be sure to install the most current drivers for your hardware.”

(Please let me know if anyone can successfully install and run Pro Tools 7.4 LE on Windows 7 64 bit with Mbox 2 or Mbox 2 Pro 3rd gen drivers).

Unzip file.
Right click Install Avid Mbox Mini 1.0.6.exe file and select Properties. On the Compatibility tab click on “Change settings for all users”. In the next window select:
√ “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” Windows Vista
√ “Disable Desktop composition”
√ “Run this program as an administrator”

Apply and OK.



8. Connect Mbox 2 after the reboot
After the PC restarts finally connect the Mbox 2 for the first time. Drivers are going to initiate. “Installing device driver software” bubble pops up and clicking on it will display the progress. After it is done it will display Your device is ready to use. With Green light on on the Mbox 2.



Before running PT 7.4 LE on Win 7 64bit with Mbox 2 Mini attached I had to follow the next important step.

9. Create registry entry
This step was again magical for me. Pro Tools just did not start without this little registry entry. You gonna love number one.

To open registry editor (regedit) just type run into the start menu and select “Run” from “Programs”. Type regedit into the box.

Navigate to:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings
Right click on the empty space in the right hand side of Registry Editor window and choose New > DWORD (32-bit) Value
Name the DWORD AllowCookies and press enter
Double click on the AllowCookies DWORD and enter 1 in the Value Data field then press OK
Close the editor and reboot for the last time.


Optimizing Pro Tools 7.4 LE on Windows 7 64 bit
10. Modify application shortcut
Right click Pro Tools LE desktop shortcut (application launcher) and choose Properties. On the Compatibility tab click on “Change settings for all users”. In the next window select:

√ “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”
Windows Vista

√ “Disable Desktop composition”

√ “Run this program as an administrator”
Apply and OK.


11. Run Pro Tools 7.4 LE on Windows 7
To follow this PT 7.4 LE Win 7 breakthrough tutorial takes few minutes. It took me few weeks to discover.

Just run the application with Mbox 2 connected to the computer.
Enter the authorization code.
Open up Pro Tools session or start a new.
Post a link ( ) on the web to let others know.

12. Improve computer performance when using Pro Tools
Windows 7 Pro Tools Optimizations videos from Digidesign:



13. System changes
Just a summary of system changes made by installing Pro Tools.


14. Troubleshoot

15. Conclusion – Pro Tools 7.4, 8, 9 or 10
Pro Tools maker – Avid – brings exciting features to a new generation in Pro Tools 10. Make sure to check them out before you go to Amazon or Ebay for exciting bargains on 2nd gen Mbox 2.

Whether you upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit and use Pro Tools 7.4 LE like me or upgrade to version 10 I am sure you will enjoy either way.

Seems like I made it sound worse than what it is for plug scanning...Here is an image of plugs that WORK FINE so far & maybe it will give you a hint as to what to try...Some folders there contain MANY....

As you see here there is WAY MORE than enough to make ANY kinda music...

Vintage Software / EvoBeats Sequential Vibes 1.02 Win32 - Rare Tracker of Old>>>
« Last post by Project5er on January 19, 2022, 02:01:10 PM »
This came out in 2003 which is kinda on the fence but it's operation as to nowadays is more as a vintage tracker...

This is not known by even many tracker fanatics...It was a commercial venture in 2003 & it was available as far as 2016 but just the same version 1.02...So there was a push in the beginning & that's it...

Probably the SIMPLEST Tracker that utilizes VSTi-VST-DX plugins it is a good starter for the beginner as such & it has less 'issues' than say H8 Tracker...

It is setup very intelligent & straightforward & also you can pick two different audio editors to shortcut to when using sample instruments...

Their ORIGINAL Screen-

My Screen-

But like most things in life everything IS NOT peaches & cream...

FIRST- Being a 2003 relese VST scanning is hit-miss you must add plugs one-two at a time, open...If GUI shows up you are good to go. If crash you must remove offending plugs...USE QUALITY PLUGS ONLY...No 'bad' synthedits (synthmaker plugs seems OK though)...

If you get a BAD CRASH it may not even open again in this case delete-

C:\Program Files\SequentialVibes\data\VstCache.dat

And start over...

SECOND- This sometimes won't run at all on different XP machines I have so I don't know why but be warned...

THIRD- This was made by German devs who unfortunately made the keyboard layout their local QWERTZ format not QWERTY. So using your keyboard will require remapping your brain...If you have a MIDI keyboard then all is well & no problems...

That's pretty much it...It has pattern effect commands but those are only when using a sample instrument...There IS automation but you record the knob twist while playing type...There is no automation lanes & drawing curves...

Sounds as good as anything else out there...IF YOU CAN'T LEARN THIS TRACKER THEN FORGET ANY OTHER...

Vintage Software / Re: H8 Tracker 1.90 Beta - Test Tune, DL Links, Other, Win32>>>
« Last post by Project5er on January 19, 2022, 12:25:56 PM »
OK...Well...I found out had just pushed an UPDATE to their website just right after I had put the tune up there...This makes the website basically non-functional for anyone using XP...I can't even reupload a more current version of 'Girl Cheese Sandwich'...

So I went back to Soundcloud, which I had not signed in since 2016...But everything works there in XP...

Here it is-

I even made a custom header image using photoshop 5.5 (2001) and for my Avatar I am using a 3D character I made last fall (fall before) which is a marvel super-villian for 70's Hulk comic called the BiBeast...

I modeled (and painted) in Izware Nendo 1.5 (a 2005 app)...Then imported into Cinema 4D XL 7.303 (a 2001 app) where I stripped the paint job & just did a surfacing with procedural shaders then render the bust...

If any interest here are pics-




Over to CINEMA 4D XL7-

Here is an OldTime Fav for many...SAWCUTTER!

Capable of funky sounds with it's own nuance this sequencer is best used adjusting as it's playing. Probably best application of it is to render out segments to put in your DAW or other more modern sequencer...

Here's a YT on SAWCUTTER 2.0-

Here's a YT on SAWCUTTER 1.0-

There's alot of DSP in this for a very small install!!!


    I guess this is modern as from 2005...If something is 18 years or older I think of it as vintage...

    German made Synth, Sequencer & Mixer all-in-one that is very configurable & sounds pretty good has built-in drum sounds. This never quite got off the ground & was abandoned a few years after...

    The GUI is in ENGLISH however the manual is in GERMAN so a couple years ago I spent about 3 hours translating the important portions of the manual to ENGLISH...Both are included...

    So many toys to tinker with I haven't dug much into this yet but I think one could do wonders in it if you were into the 'Synth-Like' compos which alot are...Especially Tracker-Types...

    Because of it's 'constricted' nature this would be a great challenge sequencer...

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