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I've been using File-Ex 98 from Cottonwood Software for ages on my PC, and just saw it is now Freeware:

Beyond LFN support that works like a charm under 16-bit Cubase for instance, those are great customizable file dialogs.


Cubase 3.1 dongle was recently cloned from reverse engineering. This clone allows for Cubase Audio, Score, and Cubase 3 to be ran from the same dongle.

controllers - NON-USB / Kurzweil XM-1 ExpressionMate ribbon controller
« on: April 02, 2018, 08:13:24 AM »
Since I just put mine on sale after years of storage, here are a few pictures of this incredibly complex MIDI merger, processor, 3 x arpeggiators, breath controller host and ribbon controller.

Not much infos still online, except a few user reviews, and at Kurzweil's.
And a long dead article from the May 1, 2000 Electronic Musician, combined to an old Geoticies page, both attached.


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