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Windows 95 through 98 and Windows NT 4.0 were the last Microsoft operating systems to officially support i486-based systems.
Vintage Software / Re: Mackie + Raw Materials - Tracktion v2.1.0.11
« Last post by dawful on January 20, 2024, 05:48:23 PM »
The difference between v2 and Mackie's v3 are mostly cosmetic. Version 2 certainly updated many things lacking from v1.6.0.1. I like the U.I. update, that allows you to hide panels you aren't currently using. Version 3 introduced the track folders option. It does make for a more organized working environment. But the functionality of adding an effect, to a group of tracks (like drum sample tracks), Is available in version 2; even without the folder option.

I believe you can run this in Windows 98/ME, without KernelEx. But you may need to winver trick the installer. I think it wants at least WinME. Sadly, there is no VxD driver support, for MIDI. That is kind of a bummer. But it can load Tracktion 1 projects. Or you just import the MIDI file, from Tacktion 1's project folder. But this is only good for Virtual instruments.

This version seams just as peppy as version Allegedly, version 3 is mildly slower.

Reaper, on Window 98/ME, is still the most capable DAW I have found. But when it comes to work flow, for me, Tracktion takes the cake. And these earlier versions, of Tracktion, might just out perform early Reaper; which I would have found hard to believe.

Check here ->,8166.msg12760.html#msg12760 <-
Vintage Software / Mackie + Raw Materials - Tracktion v2.1.0.11
« Last post by dawful on January 20, 2024, 05:31:18 PM »

From Team BEAT's NFO
      Tracktion is a revolutionary, easy-to-use music production
      application that contains everything most people will ever
      need to professionally record and mix music on a Mac or PC -
      without all the hassles and limitations of other audio
      software. Tracktion's hallmark is a clean, single-screen
      interface and streamlined operation, whether you're recording
      tracks, MIDI programming, or mixing down songs. It offers
      rock-solid operation, VST and ReWire support, and very low CPU
      usage with operating systems ranging from Mac OSX to Windows
      2000 and XP. And it contains a whole host of professional
      features that you can actually use from day one.


      Developed by programmer Julian Storer and Mackie, Tracktion 2
      is a major step forward from the original version, adding more
      than 100 new features and updates, while still maintaining the
      core feature set that has made Tracktion a runaway success.
      Click here for the full list.



      Tracktion's single-screen interface is clean and clutter-free.
      It's all about letting you focus on being productive, so we've
      gone to great measures to keep the technical stuff out of the
      way of your creative process. Mind you, technical and setup
      functions are always within one click of your mouse, but never
      obstructing the view of your arrangement. See it in detail.



      Tracktion 2 features a fully revamped MIDI editor for greater
      speed and ease of use. Notes can now be entered at a fixed
      velocity and length regardless of zoom level. This means you
      don't have to zoom in and out to enter the note values you
      want - and you can give notes individual color for better
      visibility. The Line tool allows you to draw a repeating line
      of notes at the velocity/and duration you choose, eliminating
      a great deal of note input tedium. A new Step Entry mode
      allows you to quickly enter notes with pinpoint accuracy, and
      can be used for cleaning up all those notes you frantically
      drew with the pencil tool.



      That's right. There's a powerful yet easy-to-use onboard
      sampler waiting for you inside Tracktion. Just like any other
      filter or plug-in, you simply drop it onto a track, select the
      clips you want to trigger, click and drag to map the sample to
      a range of keys, then let the butt-kickin' begin.



      Much ado has been made about the "summing bus" in DAW
      software. This is the place where audio streams are combined -
      and where audio software can potentially suffer level
      overload, and overall sonic degradation versus a traditional
      hardware mixer. Tracktion 2 has a new High-Definition 64-bit
      Math mixing option to improve headroom and  eliminate
      distortion through the summing bus. This feature goes a long
      way to guarantee that the only distortion in your tracks is
      what you put there – on purpose. Additionally, Tracktion 2
      comes ready for 192kHz-compatible audio interfaces like our
      Onyx 400F - giving you the ultimate in bleeding-edge,
      high-definition digital audio.



      Tracktion includes ReWire 2.0 support for integration with
      killer applications like Propellerheads' Reason, Ableton Live,
      and other ReWire-supporting software. ReWire is like having an
      "invisible cable" that allows you to connect one application
      to another so you can stream audio and MIDI to and from the
      linked programs. Tracktion acts as a master (or "mixer")
      application to which other ReWire "synth applications" can be
      linked - simply enable ReWire in Tracktion, setup a track to
      receive the output of the "synth application," launch the
      "synth application" and crank out that hit to send to that
      dude who says he knows Pharell's cousin.



      T2 now offers more synchronization support, including MIDI
      Time Code (MTC) input/output and MIDI Clock output for working
      with hard disk recorders, keyboard workstations, groove boxes,
      etc. Tracktion 2 can also send and receive MIDI Machine
      Control (MMC) commands, opening the door to external transport
      control and integration with modular digital multi-track and
      hard disk recorders. This means that T2 can easily integrate
      with your existing recording setup.



      Tracktion 2 provides 8 Auxiliary sends and returns for tasks
      like sharing a reverb on the different instrument tracks in a
      drum kit. Or you can use the sends to build the perfect stereo
      headphone mix for the picky lead guitarist. Like all things
      Tracktion, these Aux sends and returns are simple for new and
      existing users alike.



      Tracktion 2 supports Quicktime™ video playback. Select a movie
      and start tracking – compose music, add effects, replace your
      dialog, and win your Oscar®. This opens a world of project
      studio post-production to Tracktion users. And since both
      Tracktion and Quicktime are cross-platform compatible, it's as
      easy to share video projects as it is audio.



      T2 makes integrating any MIDI controller a breeze. Just enter
      the MIDI Mapper, pick a filter parameter, and move the
      controller... done. The controller and parameter are now
      linked, and this pairing is stored in the session file for
      next time.



      Tracktion 2 offers full support for our Mackie Control
      Universal and Mackie Control C4 rotary controllers, providing
      complete hands-on control of a full range of recording and
      mixing parameters - including plug-ins and virtual
      instruments. (Tracktion 2 overlays will be available in the
      coming weeks.) In true Tracktion fashion, it's so intuitive
      and easy that you'll be enjoying the productivity boost only
      real knobs and faders can provide – plus they look really
      wicked on your desktop.



      Got a client who can't sing their way out of a paper bag? Or
      perhaps an overzealous lead guitar player? No problem.
      Tracktion 2 includes "loop record mode" which makes it easy to
      record multiple passes and compile the best of each into the
      perfect take.



      Tracktion 2 adds a "per track input mode", offering an
      alternative to the standard "drag the input to the track"
      assignment method. If you have more than just a few inputs,
      you'll appreciate not having to sort through all of those
      input icons to find the one you need. Instead, simply select
      an audio or MIDI input from the new drop-down menu available
      on every track.



      Tracktion 2 now offers more ways to visualize your audio
      intensity. Enhanced Input meters on every channel provide more
      accurate at-a-glance viewing of your input levels. The new
      "Large Meters Mode" transforms the horizontal tracks into a
      gigantic input meter bridge for super-accurate level setting.



      What with Tracktion being so fun and easy to use, one could
      possibly create so many tracks, effects, and virtual
      instruments, that even the hardiest of computers could choke
      on all the action. So we thought that a Track Freeze function
      that renders single and multiple tracks with all their
      assorted audio files, effects and instruments to a single file
      on the hard disk. This frees up the computer's CPU for
      important tasks - like creating more tracks!



      Tracktion 2 offers industry-standard broadcast .wav file
      import. Support of .bwav audio files means even greater ease
      and flexibility for users importing audio from otherwise
      incompatible applications and hardware. And because these
      files are time-stamped, restoring them to their original
      position relative to other audio clips is a snap.


      Additionally, users of the Mackie's popular HDR, MDR and SDR
      hard disk recorders can now import their project files
      directly into Tracktion 2, complete with all audio and edits
      intact. So you can track those rowdy musicians at the club to
      your hard disk recorder, then quickly transfer to your laptop
      and toss it in the van. When the bass player finally passes
      out, set your laptop on his head and mix on the way to the
      next gig.



      Tracktion 2's single-screen interface can be scaled to
      virtually any size, permitting users of large monitors to
      devote some of those pixels to other applications, while still
      keeping an eye on Tracktion.


      Tracktion 2.1: Same Great Interface, Even More New Features!


      As easy as it is to build in new features, our engineers are
      intent on preserving Tracktion's elegantly simple interface at
      all costs-after all, that's what attracts most people to
      Tracktion in the first place. Case in point, our new update,
      v2.1, adds a bevy of powerful new features without any
      operational complexitivity. Here's some highlights:


      - Custom Control Surface Creation: Control Tracktion's
        transport, navigation, options, and channels via your
        favorite low-cost hardware controller, or even the sliders,
        buttons, and keys on your MIDI controller keyboard.

      - MP3 Import and MP3/OGG Export: Import MP3 files using the
        LAME codec, and export both MP3 and OGG files with the new
        menu item Export>Create an MP3/OGG file.

      - MIDI Loop Recording: Create and build MIDI clips in loop
        record mode much like the way you can with audio files.

      - Support for the Frontier Design Group TranzPort: Control
        Tracktion with the Frontier Design Group TranzPort Wireless
        DAW Controller.

      - Filter Icon "Quick Control" Parameter: All filter icons can
        now display any automatable parameter as a small horizontal
        slider on the filter icon for even quicker adjust­ments.

      - File Import Improvements: Select and import multiple files
        from the import file dialog. Even drag and drop, or import
        from a CD on the PC.

      - And many more...
Vintage Software / Re: Mackie + Raw Material - Traction v1.6.0.1
« Last post by dawful on January 20, 2024, 04:43:16 PM »
This is a pretty amazing DAW, especially if you are on Windows 98/ME.

I have MIDI hardware tied to Windows 98, and it is nice to have a fairly capable DAW to use with them.
Since it was "actually" meant to be used on Window 98/ME (no KenrelEx), it recognizes non Windows Drive Model (WDM) midi devices. Newer versions of Tracktion do not.

All versions of Reaper (KernelEx) can see the old Windows 98 MIDI devices. Mackie likely removed support for it, after v., because it was being bundled with their own WDM USB/FIREWIRE products. There was no need to support the older driver model, especially if encouraging people to by new devices.

It is VST/VSTi only, so DX/DXi would need a VST wrapper. Possibly one of the options provided by Xlutop (free? I Think).

The rack is pretty neat. You could use it for modular synth creation.

Overall, for a DAW fitting in this compatibility/capability range, it also one of the lightest and most performant/efficient. It does lack some of the more fancy features, found in more modern DAWs. But, for me, this DAW is very handy.

Check here ->,8164.0.html <-

Team BEAT made two releases of this. Apparently the first had an issue, where the demo sound would come back, until you clicked the settings tab and then back to the edit tab. For me, the newer versions actually has more issue with this. I haven't had it happen to me with the older release. But who knows?

Maybe here ->,8167.0.html <-
Vintage Software / Mackie + Raw Material - Tracktion v1.6.0.1
« Last post by dawful on January 20, 2024, 03:19:08 PM »
Tracktion v1.6.0.1
-Audio Playback and Recording features-
Unlike other recording and sequencing software, Tracktion imposes no limits on the number of tracks or effects utilized in your project. The host computer's available horsepower can only be stretched so far, but with Tracktion, you can extend your computer's playback and processing power indefinitely. Thanks to Tracktion's "Freeze Tracks" function, your Mac or PC can secretly render (Freeze) groups of audio tracks and effects, thereby freeing up those valuable processing resources for additional tracks or effects. But wait, there's more! Frozen tracks' edits and effects can be "thawed", tweaked and then re-frozen at any time.
Additionally, it gives you:       
   - No defined limits on sample rates -- any rate the hardware can handle is supported, and sample-rate conversion is done on the fly to enable playback of files at any sample rate on any hardware.
   - All audio data is handled internally at 32-bit floating point precision.
    -Support for DirectSound and ASIO audio devices on the PC and Core Audio devices on the Mac, including simultaneous multi-channel playback and recording.
    -Support for playback latencies below 3ms (hardware and CPU permitting).
    -Supports standard Windows and Mac MIDI input and output devices.
    WAV, AIFF and Ogg-Vorbis Audio file format support.
    -Record from audio devices by simply pointing them at the track of your choice and hitting the record button.
    -Punch-in recording and input-level-triggered recording, with optional 1 or 2-bar pre-count. MIDI recording also features looped recording, merging with existing clips, quantization and incoming channel selection.
    -Full support for real-time monitoring of incoming live MIDI or audio data through plug-ins, soft-synths, samplers, etc.
    -Full parameter automation for panning, levels, effects with live recording of parameter movements and direct editing of the automation curves.


#Drag-and-Drop Editing#
Tracktion's flexible architecture lets you explore complex permutations of digital audio clips, MIDI sequences and plug-in effects just by dragging-and-dropping them around the screen. More importantly, it allows you to assemble your ideas almost as quickly as you can dream them. That's the key - Tracktion will keep up with the fast pace of the creative process.

All the editing is done on one screen, avoiding dozens of floating windows and pop-up panels that other applications present but that really just get in your way.
#Real-time Editing#
Editing controls on each clip allow the audio to be trimmed, slipped, and stretched (with or without pitch-shifting) in real-time, giving you full graphical feedback of all editing operations. Fades can be applied to the beginning or end of each clip simply by dragging the fade handles on the clip itself, or by manually entering fade type and duration. There are several fade shapes to choose from, and shortcuts for creating overlapped cross-fades between clips.

-Plug-in Support (including VST & VSTi)-
In addition to its impressive array of bundled proprietary plug-ins (which include reverb, EQ, delay, chorus, phaser, compressor, and pitch-shifter), Tracktion also supports VST plug-ins - the most widely used and readily available plug-in format on the planet. An overwhelming variety of VST plug-ins can be obtained in stores for hundreds of dollars, as well as online at the cost of a few mere mouse clicks and perhaps an email address. Search online for "free vst plug in" and be overwhelmed. Tracktion comes with some really cool ones from maxim digital audio (MDA).

Tracktion also supports VSTi software synths. Download some MIDI clips or record your own - "plug-in" to the virtual synth and enjoy. New virtual instruments are popping up everyday all over the web, and we've included a few of those to sample so you're ready to start composing immediately after installation.

Butt-Kickin' Built-in Sampler
That's right. There's a powerful yet simple to use sampler waiting for you inside Tracktion. Just like any other filter or plug-in - simply drop it onto a track, select the clips you want to trigger, click & drag to map the sample to a key or range of keys, then let the butt-kickin' begin.

-Rack Filters-
With all of these plug-in options at your disposal, wouldn't it be great if you could organize your frequently used combinations into one simple recallable package? And wouldn't it be great if you weren't limited to the basic stereo input to stereo output patching? And what if you could build complex and creative effect routings that are impossible with most other music software? And one time at band camp... Introducing Tracktion's Rack Filters.

-ReWire 2.0 Support-
Tracktion includes ReWire 2.0 support for integration with applications like Propellerheads' Reason, Ableton Live, and other ReWire supporting software. ReWire is described as an "invisible cable" that allows you to connect one application to another so you can stream audio and MIDI to and from the linked programs. Tracktion acts as a master (or "mixer") application to which other ReWire "synth applications" can be linked - simply enable ReWire in Tracktion, setup a track to receive the output of the "synth application", launch the "synth application" and crank out that next big hit.

-Instant Help-
Just in case the user interface isn't intuitive enough, nearly every object on the screen provides extensive pop-up help simply by pointing the mouse over the item. This is easily toggled on and off at the press of a key. Even with the Instant Help feature turned off, unobtrusive one-line tool-tips will still appear at the top of the screen.

-Project Management features-

The Tracktion Project screen shows all of the audio and MIDI clips, edits and other files that it can currently access at a glance.

Each Project can contain audio that is either unique to itself, or shared with other Projects. The info panel at the bottom of the Project screen provides waveform overview and playback capability for the selected audio clip at the click of the mouse.
A comprehensive search engine on the Project screen lets you to search for, preview and import audio files in a variety of formats, searching by name, location or keywords in the audio file description.

-Collaborative Working-
Tracktion's comprehensive import/export features provide several ways to share projects between users:       
-Render: creates a single audio file of the entire mix, any section of the mix or track, optionally trimming silence of the start and end, and optionally normalizing the audio level. Various file formats at a range of sample-rates and bit-depths can be created.

-Export: copies all of the audio and MIDI files used in an edit to a new folder. Optionally, Tracktion can "consolidate" all of the project's audio files, only copying the sections that are used in that edit, with variable-length 'handles' on either end for fine-trimming and cross-fading. This consolidated export is useful with large or complex edits, and can save an enormous amount of disk space (and time!) when backing up your excellent work.

-Archive: creates a single archive file (for ease of copying between users) which contains all the consolidated/complete audio data for that edit, using either FLAC Lossless Audio Compression (with compression ratios up to 50%) or Ogg-Vorbis compression (with user-selected compression ratios as high as 20:1). This makes it possible to pass Tracktion Archives of projects between users via the Internet, for true collaborative working. Tracktion Archive files allow fast downloading and trading of music tracks via the internet, but with the ability to add to or remix these tracks and upload the changes at the same time as maintaining a full history of which "Tracktion Artist" has made which set of changes to that Archive!

Hardware Requirements:    

- PC-
    Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, or XP
    Intel Pentium 3 or 4, or AMD Athlon (750MHz or better is recommended)
    At least 128MB RAM; 256MB or more is recommended for heavy-duty work
    DirectSound or ASIO compatible audio interface
    Windows-compatible MIDI hardware if required

    Mac OSX 10.2 and above
    At least 128MB RAM; 256MB or more is recommended for heavy-duty work
    Core Audio compatible audio interface
    Core MIDI compatible MIDI interface if required
Link -> <-
General / Miscellaneous / Re: NVME SSD able to boot non-UEFI socket775PC?
« Last post by poofygoof on January 18, 2024, 10:47:06 PM »
boot from BIOS to UEFI so you can load a UEFI NVMe driver to boot from it.  neat hack, but isn't that throwing away a lot of NVMe performance due to old PCIe?  is performance any better than SATA?
i had downloaded that YUMI app but never got around to testing it!
ill give it another look. but ya some things work some things dont..
hirens doesnt like rufus thats for sure..
Another interesting option is Ventoy

You can boot ISO/WIM/IMG/VHD(x)/EFI files from a usb drive drive.
Once Ventoy is setup, on the drive, you just copy over the files you want to boot. Memdisk and many other options. The memu is generated at boot time. To remove a bootable file, just delete it.

I've only used it once. The problem I had, is that I set it up with ExFat. Not every O.S. i use supports that. But I'm pretty sure there is an option to use different formats. Can't remember if ExFat was the default. Maybe it has something to do with contiguous files. I know that makes a difference, in some cases.
Vintage Software / Re: Scene Releases List - BEAT (2003-2009)
« Last post by chrisNova777 on January 18, 2024, 08:15:52 PM »,354.0.html
yes its for users to upload stuff for other users. pm functionality doesnt allow for file attachments.
large uploads should be uploaded to a free filesharing service such as mediafire etc and post the links
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