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Title: syncing digital performer to pro tools via MTC
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With your midi cables connected to the Midi in and out of the Midi interfaces follow the steps below.

On you Pro Tools Computer:
1. Launch Pro Tools, Go to Setup> Peripherals> and click on the Midi Machine Control tab.

2. Under “MIDI Machine Control Remote (Slave)” put a check in the box next to Enable,” leave the “ID” set to 127, and click OK.

3. Click the “Online” and “Record” buttons in the transport of Pro Tools so that they are both flashing.

4. Record enable your tracks

On you Digital Performer computer:
1. Open Audio midi setup and Create a new device.
-MacHD> Applications> Utilities> Audio Midi Setup
-You might have to click on Window at the top of the screen and then choose “Show Midi Window”

2. Double click on the “New External Device” and name it Pro Tools.
-Also click on the properties tab and put a check in the box for MTC under “Transmit”

3. Click “Apply” in Audio Midi Setup.

4. Attach the device you just named “Pro Tools” (up arrow to up arrow, down arrow to down arrow) to the ports that they are physically plugged into on the Midi interface that is connected to your Digital Performer computer.

5. Launch Digital Performer, Click on Setup, then click on “Transmit Sync.”

6. Click on the drop down box under “Transmit MTC to” and choose “Pro Tools” then click “Done”

7. Now, press play in Digital Performer and Pro Tools will start playing as well.