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Cubase (1990s) / Re: Cubase 1.x for Macintosh
« Last post by belzrebuth on September 12, 2021, 07:09:39 AM »
Is this version available somewhere?
I only found the "lite" version 1.02 but it doesn't have a piano roll editor like this one.
v1.02 "lite" only has a score editor except if I'm missing something.
me personally i think i was still using a 8088 or 8086 in 1987 even if the 286 was released it was very high end at the time and not common place! Tandy 1000 or Ibm PC jr were far more prevalent back around that time.. i think i was using a Tandy 1000 HX at the time

Atari ST wasnt nearly as prevalent as the tandy.. in Ontario Canada where i lived

i think the 80286 was brand new in 1987?
IBM PC AT was released three years prior:

But this was high end computing: in 1987, PC XT were at most becoming affordable 2nd hand, so a midi hobbyist musician would have used that most likely, if any PC at all, considering the price of midi interface for PC vs its presence as standard on an atari ST. Well, that's my 2 eurocents guess ;)

80286 processor was released in 1982:
im very much not in the emulation camp

im very much in the camp of "load it up on a computer from the time period it was released" kind of guy

in 1987 it would have run on the most  weak dos computer you can think of
either an 8086 or 8088 most likely, or Early IBM computer

i think the 80286 was brand new in 1987?
Windows XP (Oct 2001) / Re: Windows XP!
« Last post by chrisNova777 on August 30, 2021, 01:11:31 PM »
im not a huge fan of this guy either really but whatever
people can take whatever positive they can from the video
synths - early 90s / Re: BOSS DS330 (1992) DR. SYNTH
« Last post by Shredder11 on August 18, 2021, 10:55:01 AM »
I had this as the Roland SC33 back in 1994.  Great synth but needs work with the filters, controllers and FX to get the most from it.  I later sold it in 1997 to buy my first of four Yamaha MU100R rack modules.,2451.0.html
Hi, and thanks for posting this. I'm a composer, and have some old files from the 80's created with Master Tracks PC. I'm having trouble running the software in various emulators. No matter the configuration, it keeps throwing timeout errors and will not play. I'm wondering if you have a manual or any other documentation, as my memory regarding how it was set up is incomplete :)


pretty impressed with opera  browser on this lowend netbook - acer aspire d255 which has an n550 cpu with 2gb ddr3 and an SSD the cpu has hyper threading so it can take up to 4 threads which is pretty decent
Windows XP (Oct 2001) / Re: Windows XP!
« Last post by Project5er on June 27, 2021, 06:45:30 PM »
Thanks for this but this guy is full of shit & way verbose...Tracks all over processed...

I use XP ALL THE TIME on the net, never a problem...Like many I see repeating & parroting the same brainwash that XP is so vulnerable...Problem is JUST THE OPPOSITE...Anything windows 7 or up is vulnerable especially windows 10 which is spyware...

I have a blind Granddaughter that we had given a new computer in 2011 with windows 7 32bits...Never a problem till 2017 when windows 10 was FORCE INSTALLED on it then nothing but constant problems...

Isn't that the ULTIMATE vulnerability when a complete OS can be force installed onto your machine?!

Come-ON everybody...Start thinking!

Why do they wanna install? Because windows 10 the best SPYWARE OS!...

People say "HEY, Nuthin' Gettin' past MY firewall!" It don't need to...because of the TCP module it can access your HDD when starting up, shutting down or when completely off...When accessing during start-up or shutdown it will say 'updating' or 'installing updates don't shut down so talking firewalls is a moot point...

This guy is also wrong about the BFD sample quality...I have that setup & they are great & way better than some of the garbage examples he was using...

On XP right now & no way is windows 10 ever gonna work on this machine so no force install...I have 2 windows 10 machines given to me they NEVER see the internet & they yearn for the hookup...
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