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synths - 2000s / Re: e-mu vintage pro (2002)
«  by chrisNova777 on November 20, 2017, 06:16:05 PM »
can anyone help me to confirm if the vintage pro soundset contains the same voices from teh vintage keys unit from 1994?

is it an updated soundset with the same sounds?
or not the same?
Propellerheads Reason / minimum system requirements for Reason 10
«  by chrisNova777 on November 20, 2017, 01:16:30 AM »

These are the minimum system requirements for running Reason 10.
Please have a look here for recommended system specifications.

Mac OS X:

Fast and stable Internet connection for installation and registration required!
Intel Mac with multi-core processor
4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended for large ReFills or Rack Extensions)
4 GB free system disk space required, plus 8 GB for optional content. Additionally, the program may use up to 20 GB scratch disk space
Mac OS X 10.7 or later (64-bit)
Monitor with at least 1280 x 768 resolution
CoreAudio compliant audio interface or built-in audio hardware
MIDI interface and a MIDI keyboard recommended


Fast, stable internet connection for installation and registration required!
Intel or AMD multi-core processor
4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended for large ReFills or Rack Extensions)
4 GB free system disk space required, plus 8 GB for optional content. Additionally, the program may use up to 20 GB scratch disk space
Windows 7 or later (64-bit)
Monitor with at least 1280 x 768 resolution
Audio Interface with ASIO driver
MIDI interface and a MIDI keyboard recommended
Emagic Logic / sound diver 3.0 requirements for windows + mac
«  by chrisNova777 on November 19, 2017, 11:20:54 PM »
macs require powerpc processor (no 68k support in sound diver v3.0+)
says it supports windows 2000
MOTU Performer / motu software + osx Tiger
«  by chrisNova777 on November 19, 2017, 10:59:01 PM »

Can I use my MOTU interface with Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger)? Does my software work with 10.4?
We have drivers for our FireWire audio interfaces, USB MIDI interfaces, and PCI-324 & PCI-424 cards to operate under Mac OS 10.4 ("Tiger"). The minimum drivers required under 10.4 are:

FireWire: 1.25
PCI-324 & 424: 1.08
USB MIDI: 1.31
Go to our downloads section for the latest drivers.

Digital Performer 4.52 and Unisyn 2.11 are already Tiger compatible - no updates are required. However, please see this tech note if you are updating a Panther (10.3) or Jaguar (10.2) system to Tiger.

MX4 requires version 2, which is a free update for MX4 v1 users (a v2 download is available on our downloads page). AudioDesk 2.04 and MachFive 1.2.2 or higher are required for Tiger compatibility.

Symphonic Instrument, Ethno Instrument, Electric Keys, BPM, and Volta are Tiger compatible as of their initial releases.

Please see our Tiger compatibility page for more info, and our downloads page for the latest updates.

THE BOX clearly showing off motu's beginner windows midi interfaces:
MOTU Performer / Can I use my MOTU hardware with an Intel-based Mac?
«  by chrisNova777 on November 19, 2017, 10:01:50 PM »

This tech note lists the minimum interface driver versions and software versions for compatibility with Apple computers that have Intel processors.

Compatible drivers for Intel-based Macs are available for MOTU FireWire and USB audio interfaces, FireWire video interfaces, USB MIDI interfaces, and PCI-424 audio interface cards. The following driver versions (or later versions) are required for compatibility with Intel-based Macs:

FireWire and USB audio: 1.40
FireWire video: 1.0
USB MIDI: 1.32
PCI-424: 1.1.0
The following versions (or later versions) of MOTU applications and plug-ins are required for compatibility with Intel-based Macs:

Digital Performer 5.1
AudioDesk 2.1
MX4 2.1
MachFive 2.0
Ethno Instrument 1.0 (1.0.1 for MAS)
Symphonic Instrument 1.1.2 (1.1.3 for MAS)
Electric Keys 1.0
BPM 1.0
Volta 1.0
To download the latest update installers, go to

11,1381.0.html available to download here if you are a registered user of macos9lives
Software Samplers / battery 2 requires Mac Os X Jaguar+ or WinXP
«  by chrisNova777 on November 19, 2017, 08:21:17 PM »

System Requirements

   10.2.6, G3 500, 256 MB RAM
   Windows XP, Pentium III/Athlon 500 GHz, 256 MB RAM
    DVD Drive
Recommended System

   10.2.6 +, G4 733, 512 MB RAM
   Windows XP, Pentium / Athlon XP 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM
OSX Panther (Oct 2003) / difference in powermac g5 models
«  by chrisNova777 on November 19, 2017, 08:53:44 AM »
apple are real buggers in how they release shit.
they always want to have leverage to make someone sell their recently purchased mac and buy a upgraded model
they been doing this for years and years

check out this structure of the g5 mdoels that were released

1.6 | 1.8fx (SP - PCI) <Beginner
1.8fx | 2.0fx (DP - PCI) <Intermediate
1.8 | 2.0fx | 2.3fx | 2.5fx | 2.7fx (PCI-X) <"PRo"

they had a tierd structure that seemed to not make any sense unless u view it this way
the beginner tier had no upgraded pci bandwidth, and single processors, only 4gb ram max
2nd tier had dual processors but still only 4gb ram max, and no extra pci bandwidth (see bolded)
the pro 3rd tier had single + dual processor models.. all took 8gb RAM + could handle upgraded bandwidth via PCI 3.3v compatible cards (With 2 notches) + PCI-X cards.

PCI vs PCI-x
PCI model
This model has three open full-length 33 MHz, 64-bit PCI slots, an 8X AGP Pro slot

PCI-X model
his model has "three open full-length PCI-X slots: one 133MHz, 64-bit slot and two 100MHz, 64-bit slots", an 8X AGP Pro slot

the difference in bandwidth between 33mhz + 133mhz is significant.
PCI-X 133       1.067 GB/s
PCI 32bit/33MHz   133.33 MB/

so the non-pci-x models are severely gimped.
there was only one g5 model that was single processor + pci-x.
that is the g5 i own!
Mac OS 9 (Oct 1999) / choosing a DAW host app for mac os 9
«  by chrisNova777 on November 19, 2017, 08:22:20 AM »
here we are looking at the different options for choices of software (and most recently updated) + software systems available for mac os 9

#1Ableton live 4.14 (Apr 2005)
**rewire 2 capable

#2Emagic logic 6.4 (Oct 2004)
**rewire 2 capable

#3Propellerheads Reason 2.5 (May 2003)
**rewire 2 capable

#4MOTU Digital performer 3.11(Oct 2002)
*rewire 1 capable

#5Steinberg Cubase VST 5.1 (Nov 2001)
*rewire 1 capable

#6Steinberg Nuendo v1.52 (October 2001)
**rewire 2 capable

#7Digidesign Pro tools 5.1.1 (June 2001)
*no rewire / use direct connect

#8Opcode SVP 4.5.3 (Nov 1999)
*rewire 1 capable

Additional notes:
Emagic Logic 5.2 (Aug 2002) *was the final version to use VST plugins
Emagic Logic 4.8.1 (Oct 2001) *rewire 1 capable
Digidesign Pro tools 5.0 (Nov 1999)

Sound Diver 3.0.5 (Dec 2002)

Sound Diver 3.0.52 (June 2003)
UNISYN 2.02 (March 2003)

Opcode Galaxy 2.5.2 (Mar 1998)

refill packer for reason 2.5:
it would occur to some that one could choose a particular "camp" to go with, using the hardware created by a certain company might be a good idea as you are able to assume that this configuration must have been rigourously tested by the company... here are a few of the "chosen paths" that combine the host DAW application, with their own MIDI hardware + MIDI management software:

**) Ableton Live + Reason via ReWire
can be used with any midi interface or librarian.. with no special integration

The Emagic Path
**) Emagic Logic + Sound Diver v3.05 Midi Librarian + AMT8/MT4 Midi interface?

The MOTU Path
**) MOTU Digital Performer + Unisyn v2.02 Midi Librarian + MOTU MTP Interface?

The Opcode Path
**) Opcode StudioVisionPro + Galaxy v2.5.2 Midi Librarian + Opcode MIDI Interface?

The Steinberg Path
**) Steinberg Cubase + ??? (no midi librarian made by steinberg)

version info:
Protools LE 5.2.1cs1 is the last version available for OS 9 It's a beta version offering 32 tracks and it's only available from the digidesign site as a download if you're a registered customer and provide you're serial number.

Download it and install things in this order:

1. Install OS 9. Apply any updates to bring it up to OS 9.2.2, the last version apple released.

2. Install OMS + any drivers for USB midi gear you might have, software synths etc...

3. Install 'Protools LE 5.1.1' (The version that comes on the installer CDs you get with the Digi001 or AMIII)

4a. Find the protools LE application (Should be in 'Digidesign/Protools/' in whatever folder you installed to, usually 'Applications OS 9').

4b. Rename it to 'Protools LE old' or something to distinguish it from the beta version.

4c. Drop just the 'Protools LE' application for 5.2.1cs1 in the same folder.

Now you have a working install of protools LE that provides 32 tracks and OS 9 compatability, stick with the version of DAE from PT LE 5.1.1, the one with the beta isn't needed for the additional features it offers over 5.1.1, infact it caused quite a lot of crashing problems for a lot of people.

Hope this helps!

Note: A Digidesign-qualified external diskette drive (USB floppy drive) may be required for some software installations when used with Macintosh Blue & White G3 or G4 models.

DINR v3.5.1: (AudioSuite (noise reduction)

D-Fi v1.5.1 (RTAS and AudioSuite)

D-fx v1.3.1 (AudioSuite)

Focusrite d2 v1.6.1 (AudioSuite & RTAS)
Focusrite d3 v1.4.1 (AudioSuite & RTAS)

Maxim v1.3.1 (RTAS and AudioSuite)

MasterList CD v2.4 [ additional information ]

MP3 Option v1.1 or higher — does not require a floppy drive, download-only, available from the DigiStore.See the Support Downloads section for additional information & updates

SampleCell Editor v3.1 (w/SampleCell II Plus), does not require a floppy drive

Soft SampleCell v3.1 [ additional information ]

SoundReplacer v1.2.1 (AudioSuite)
For updates, see the Support/Downloads section under this listing:

Digidesign Plug-Ins for Digi 001, Mbox & ToolBox/Audiomedia III Pro Tools LE Systems on Mac OS
DigiRack Plug-Ins

The following DigiRack Plug-Ins are included with all Pro Tools LE for Mac 5.1 and higher systems:


plugins guide for 5.01: 2000 2002 2003
Dynamics II
Mod Delay
Normalize/Gain Change
Reverse/DC Removal
Signal Generator
Time Comp-Exp/Pitch Shift
Pro Tools LE systems also include the following plug-ins bundled with the purchase of a Digi 001, ToolBox, or ToolBox XP system:

D-Verb (RTAS)
D-Verb A/S (AudioSuite)
Digi 001, ToolBox, ToolBox XP, or Audiomedia III systems using Pro Tools LE 5.1 or higher can download backup copies of D-Verb 1.8.1

Mbox systems with Pro Tools LE 5.2 and higher include D-Verb (v5.2) and D-Verb A/S (v5.2) as DigiRack plug-ins, automatically installed with Pro Tools LE for Mbox.

Propellerheads Reason / recycle 2.0 updates
«  by chrisNova777 on November 08, 2017, 12:06:30 PM »,597.0.html
 should be the last maintenance update for 2.0.