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Modern Software / Re: SONIC SYNDICATE (later synapse-audio) ORION PRO (2002)
« Last post by 6track on June 14, 2022, 02:24:16 AM »
SOS: Using A Second PC As A Standalone MIDI Soft Synth
By Martin Walker (April 2001)

VST Instrument Host Applications

If you intend to run a clutch of VST Instruments on your second PC you'll need a suitable host application. You don't actually need a fully fledged MIDI + Audio sequencer such as Cubase just to play back soft synths in real‑time, since their audio and MIDI recording and playback facilities will remain largely unused. All you need is enough to run several VST instruments, patch in some software plug‑ins, and send the mixed result to your soundcard.

You could use an entry‑level application like Cubasis VST at £100 (reviewed in SOS May 2000), which supports up to four VST Instruments, has two EQ bands per channel, along with one Insert effect, and two global Send Effect slots. Emagic's MicroLogic AV at £99 also provides two send effect busses, but has three EQ bands per track, and can run up to eight VST or Logic. Both support VST and DirectX plug‑ins, and come with a small selection of their own effects.

There are also shareware solutions available, such as FASOFT's n‑Track Studio (, which now supports VST Instruments and effects, DirectX effects, and ASIO drivers. The standard version can be registered for just $39, and the 24‑bit version for $59. Another option is Sonic Syndicate's Orion (www.sonic‑, which once again supports VST Instruments and effects; although ASIO drivers aren't currently supported, low latencies are still claimed for real‑time playback of soft synths.

However, the ideal solution to squeeze the last drop of performance out of your dedicated soft‑synth PC is to discard the recording facilities altogether, and run your VST Instruments from a specially stripped‑down host application. FXpansion are currently working on just such a product in the shape of RT.FX, a flexible real–time effect processor with modular routing system and full MIDI automation (see screenshot, right). Compatible with the VST, VST 2.0 and ASIO protocols, it provides latency figures as low as 5mS, and the ability to run successfully on older Pentium II processors. The release version should be nearing completion by the time you read this.
Synapse Orion Platinum v3.70

It included the demo songs, the tutorial songs and the necessary sample files.

Modern Software / Re: SONIC SYNDICATE (later synapse-audio) ORION PRO (2002)
« Last post by Project5er on June 13, 2022, 05:03:07 PM »
Yes...Super Gems they are AND the older Orions...

I think Orions older than v2 had a quality selector or something...Somewhere you could pick lower quality apparently for crappier machines...

6track is the Orion Master....or perhaps Orion Monger...

At any rate Moocho Grassy-Ass once again!!!...
Modern Software / Re: SONIC SYNDICATE (later synapse-audio) ORION PRO (2002)
« Last post by Reticular on June 13, 2022, 04:51:48 PM »
Orion Pro is a serious toy, looks simple, but once you get some patterns in...which is easy because plugins and drums are great(if you like oldschool) are on your way. Definetly suprised by this little soft

Also, thanks for the plugins, i´ve had Junglist but these ones are just great.
Modern Software / Re: SONIC SYNDICATE (later synapse-audio) ORION PRO (2002)
« Last post by 6track on June 13, 2022, 04:25:05 PM »
Many Thanks for the contributions!...These are hard to find (impossible really)...Great Going!....

Also added more (above):

Sonic Syndicate Orion 1.509

Sonic Syndicate Orion Pro v2.6

Sonic Syndicate Plugins:

Sonic Syndicate Junglist VSTi v2.0
Sonic Syndicate Junqlist VSTi v3.01
Sonic Syndicate MT-6 Delay VST v1.0
Sonic Syndicate Plucked String VSTi 1.0
Sonic Syndicate Plucked String XT VSTi v2.5
Sonic Syndicate Scorpion VSTi v1.5
Sonic Syndicate TB1 Talkbox VST v1.0
Sonic Syndicate VP1 Vintage Phaser VST v1.0
Much Instruments done so I just upload some highlights...nothing large-

-29 Rhino2 Highlight PTI
-28 Devine Machine Krishna Highlight PTI
-20 VOXSynth Highlight PTI

As always use FX for enhancement...
Since this is a general purpose groovebox & not fruity-oriented I figger here is a good spot...

I also think this made it into 2000 as a NFO had may 2000 on it for a KG included that is not needed...

Great sound that was better sounding than the later plugin version for sure this is a VERY NICE groovebox...

A Priest has baptized it so you just install & go...

Also included are the original freeware SimSynth...

Once again...Grassy-Ass!...
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